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Hi , I'm 32 and 29 weeks preg with No-2. (and scared of whats ahead) Just wondering if anyone would like to talk.


Hi Mel0073,

I'm 34 this week and I'm due to have baby no.3 in late October, I already have a 5yr old girl and 2yr old boy which keep me quite busy. How old is your other child is there going to be much of an age gap?
I'm a bit scared with this next age gap between my new baby and my son as it will only be 2 1/2 yrs where as my daughter was 3 1/2 yrs when I had my son which I found was great as she was so independent and loved helping out too, but my son still seems like a baby to me so I'm sure it may be a bit harder this time around.

hi mel
i'm nearly 37 and having my third child, i have a 14yr old and a 20month old, the second birth not so go as she came out not breathing, the cord was wrapped around her throat and as i pushed the cord got tighter. with this pregnancy i'm a bit scared too.
i'm having the bubs in hospital and wouldn't have it any other way so i'm in good hands.
good luck

sharon,nsw, kailee 2, marc 6 months

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