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Overdue!! Lock Rss

Hi everyone
Im 2 days over due and its killing me!! It may only seem like a couple of days but im really really anxious and what to hurry up and see my bubba. I have tried all the things people say works but nothing - walking, swimming, baths, raspberry leaf tea, sex (and that wasnt easy) etc etc. Now tomorrow is 06.06.06 - just what i need devils spawn [666] lol. How long do dr's generally let you go over for? I heard 10 days but dont want to wait that long. At my last appointment i mentioned "induction" just in passing and the midwife went on and on about how they dont like inducing and how its better to wait but surely it cant hurt if your due date has passed, i mean it must be cooked by now??????? To make matters worse my partner is really built with extremely large shoulders and now im scared that baby is just swimming around in there getting bigger!!!! Any comments?

riks ~ 7mth bub, ella rose. w.a

your funny!!!! you sound lovely so even if it did come tomorrow it wouldn't be devil spawn. On the plus side my hubby was born with a HUGE head and Lilly hasn't got one so.......I'm going to be one of those women that says "baby will come when it's ready" GOOD LUCK

One day at a time

i can understand your frustration i was 10 days overdue with my daughter and was induced with the gel which sent me into labour. with my daughter i had to go on the trace at 40 weeks so they can see that the movements are ok no contrctions and that the heartbeat is fine and no sign of distress from the baby. The dr then gave me an internal to see if the cervix is starting to dilate or closed (i was still fully closed) and he took it from there. they also try to stretch the membranes to bring u on. I am unsure if this is still the procedure that they follow as i have noticed with this pregnancy that things are done differently then with my daughter. i hope this helps

Hi Rikki,
I was induced two weeks early with my first and would like to be induced again which my obst said he is happy to do at 38 1/2 weeks so I think it depends on your doc and public vs private system. My husband also has an enormous head and my son has got his dad's head I am having a girl this time and I am hoping the poor thing isn't cursed with dad's head. LOL. I will find out in about 11 weeks. I hope you get your bub soon being overdue must be really frustrating I wish you the best of luck and a smooth delivery. Take care.
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