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Varicose Veins in Pregnancy Lock Rss

Hi everyone and thanks for taking the time to read my post. Let me start by saying "Good Work Mums!!"...we really are extraordinary women.

Just wanted to find out if anyone has experienced pelvic varicose veins during pregnancy? I had them all the way through my last pregnancy (7 months ago), had pain constantly and during labour, the pain was so intense that no pain medication could control it. My Obstetrician called in anaesthetists, pain management teams, other specialists and no one could help get rid of the pain. I was given a whole host of drugs and because they had already given me so much, a general anaesthetic was out of the question. I remained this way for 36 hours after birth, and my Ob actually warned my husband that I may not survive.
It was by sheer miracle that eventually the pain faded away and my beautiful baby girl came more into focus.
After the birth, my Ob decided to book me in for major surgery to remove the damaged veins. As it turns out, while waiting for His Lordship to book me into hospital, I now find myself pregnant again and to say that I'm terrified is an understatement.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Any thoughts would be deeply appreciated.

Thanks smile

13, 8, 7months, due 11/06/05

NSW, Mum of 3.5

Varicose veins in legs a bit painful this time round (3rd pregnancy). But the haemorroids have been the WORST thing ever. By 3rd pregnancy they were still mild, not painful just annoying. But following a natural delivery (2 previous c/s didn't excaberate the problem) they are just horrendous. I have been in constant pain for over a week now. (I'm trying not to take Panadeine or stronger because that can cause constipation.) I am going to try accupunture to see if that can help.

mumto3, Qld, 3, 2 & newborn

Michelle, I know you posted this ages back, but, how are your veins going? I am presently 25 weeks into my second pregnancy and am in absolute agony with varicose veins, in my legs and in my pelvic area also.
I am doing all of the recommended things, support stockings, witch hazel, elevate legs etc, but they are still really painful. I saw my ob only today in regards to the veins in my pelvic area and through birth and he did not seem concerned at all, said that I shouldn't have any problems coz of the veins, etc etc, however I am not re-assured in particular after just now reading your post.
Do you have any ideas on how you may make your labour better than last time coz of the problems you had with your veins? Any suggestions you think you may be able to offer? Did you bleed heaps from a raptured varicose vein perhaps? (that is what I am stressing out about)
Mum to 3 girls, how has the acupuncture gone? I have been considering giving that a go myself.
Anyway, hope to hear back from you (or anyone else with some advice).

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

accupuncture was fabulous! There is a series of spots for varicose veins/hemms, and I noticed immediate improvement, and within 3 weeks it had all returned to almost normal! (the hardest part was finding the time between feeds to get to the clinic AND take someone with me to look after baby & girls)

I still have a yukky big v vein on my left leg/knee area, made worse by carrying children on your left hip I'm told, so I will put them to work on that one when I next get an opportunity to go.

mumto3, Qld, 3, 2 & newborn

Hi Linda,
Congratulations on your second pregnancy! I'm so sorry to hear you're in pain.
My bub is now 10 months old and I'm still in pain, mainly after a long day of carrying her around and housework etc. My ob/gyn has booked me in for surgery to remove the veins (which he said would completely fix the pain problem) but I'm very hesitant due to the recovery involved. I won't be able to do any lifting etc for at least 8 weeks and it makes it hard to get any rest when hubby works 6 days a week. I'll cross that bridge when I get there I guess.
Something that may well help you during labour would be an epidural because it blocks all pain from the waist down. And altho your ob/gyn isn't concerned, you should at least be informed. I am not trying to worry you, but I guess it's good to have some advice from someone who has experienced it 1st hand, do you know what I mean?
I'm happy to talk to you more about this, my email address is [email protected]

Please feel free to send me an email, I've actually done alot of research on our conditions and was very surprised of what I learnt. And even shocked that I paid my ob/gyn soooo much money and he didn't even know how to help me!

Take care for now,


NSW, Mum of 3.5

Hi mumto3,

Has the acupuncture reduced the size of the varicose veins? I would love to try acupuncture but fear that it may not work on deep pelvic veins such as mine.
I'm happy to hear that it's working for you and it's only a matter of time before the bubs won't need carrying on the left hip! Or so we hope!!

Take care for now,

NSW, Mum of 3.5

Hi Michelle, are such a champ! I had a 9.5hr labour with my first and a 4.5hr labour with my second and I thought that went forever!

Now, onto the topic...Linda put me on here as I am due around the same time as her as I am currently 26wks pg with our 3rd. I have suffered with varicose veins in my legs and in the vaginal region with my 2nd and during birth it made things a whole lot more painful but I managed...and with no pain relief too! With this pregnancy the varicose veins have come earlier and are twice as bad if not more! I just get up in the morning and they pop out all over and the last few days I have found it so painful to pee...not becuse of UTI as my recent check was clear...but it's from the veins!! I spoke to my OB about it as it has become more painful in my right leg and he was a bit concerned about blood clots developing so he put me on a perscibed, safe, low dose of Apsirin to reduce the risk! I have only been on them for a few days but I haven't felt any change except the pain is worse so I am going to go back to he told me to get straight back to him if the pain gets any worse. I can't stand still for even the shortest amount of time without my leg feeling like it is going to hubby found me crying in the hallway today from the honestly is that bad!

My worry is that I remember how much more it hurt during labour and it was nothing like I have it now so I can't begin to imagine what it will be like when in labour this time! This is the only thing worrying me about labour...the rest I am amazingly looking forward to! I am going to request the birthing room with a bath in it as I had my first in the shower and almost my 2nd in the shower and it was I am imagining the bath will be even better! I want to go with no pain relief again but with the pain in my legs I'm now thinking I will have to seriously think of what pain relief I would prefer...and if any of it will work. Am thinking the bath...if I get one...will probably owrk the best since the warm soothing water and weightlessness are good pain relievers!

I tried the whole support stockings with my 2nd pregnancy but didn't really help much so I haven't bothered this time as it is so much worse...and it's way too hot and I don't want to overheat!!

Sitting even doesn't relieve the pain...I actually have to lay down if I want not much pain and how can I do that when I have a 4yr and a 15mth old? Pretty much non-existant!!

Anyway, I haven't heard of them removing the veins after birth so it would be good to hear about it so I understand just in case my OB suggest it htis time round.

Well, that's my exxperience at current and thought I would share mine with you all...and you Michelle since you had asked!

Michelle, does yours sound as bad as my current experience? I just don't want to seem like a sook...hard for others to understand when they haven't been through it or don't realise you are in so much pain!

Take care all

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi Linda,

Thanks for showing me this post!

With my last pregnancy (2nd) I had the varicose veins but they are much worse this time round. In regards to labour....well, not to scare you as everyone is different...but I found it much more painful to walk around and keep active as I just wanted to lay down to stop the pain. It also didn't help having bub sitting on my nerve as it made it painful aswell!

Try to get in the shower as I found the warm water was a good help...I am going to request a bath this time though!!

I didn't find any of my varicose veins ruptured in birth and mine were all in the passage and surrounds so they were right there for bub the tug at!

I also didn't have any pain relief either so I bared the full force of the pain too but my labour was only 4.5hr long too.

If your doc isn't concerned then don't you be as he/she would have seen this with other women and he/she would know if there was anything to be concerned OB is only concerned with me about blood clots forming not anything else.

Take care

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi mum78,

I can so relate with your post! During my last birth, I tried everything to alleviate the pain, but nothing worked. I was angry as well as frustrated that no one could see just how much I was in until it was too late to bring out the epidurals and spinal blocks and horse tranquilisers! No one will ever really understand what the pain is like unless they've experienced it. The docs and midwifes tried waving away the pain by saying, "they're just afterpains and they'll soon stop. you shouldn't be in this much pain." Meanwhile, my blood pressure dropped below floor level, my skin was clammy and cold, and my hubby (who is a cop), starts yelling at the ob/gyn to do something! Oh my, it was not how I had envisaged the birth of my beautiful daughter!
And I have to agree with you that for each progressive pregnancy, the veins do get worse. And no, you are not a sook!! I totally understand how you're feeling and YES, you're ob/gyn is right in checking for clots - I was sent for doppler scans 4 times during my last pregnancy to ensure there were no clots forming.

If you do opt for no pain relief, by all means start with the baths and massage but just for your peace of mind, let the ob/gyn know that you may need the big guns of pain relief. You'll be surprised just how rapidly the pain gets unbearable.

We should start up a support group for women who have experienced painful varicose veins and pool our experiences??

Take care for now,

NSW, Mum of 3.5

Well, thanks everyone for replying - I had to laugh when you mentioned Michelle about starting a support group for women with varicose veins - I know exactly what you mean, how people who do not suffer from it have absolutely no idea on how much pain you are in, and what you can or can't do (easily). (ie, friend suggest spend the WHOLE day shopping etc etc).
Perhaps we can exchange our tips and suggestions on remedies etc that may (perhaps) help with the whole pain thing.
This is what I am doing at the moment for my veins;

1). When I get a chance at home I lie on the floor for 5 mins or so with my legs straight up the wall. Feels great. At every meal time my legs are up on another chair. When I am at the computer (like, right now) I have mastered the art of being able to type with my legs up on the desk. (a bit awkward).
2). I do wear the stockings, (30+ denier) even though I am still in pain with them - I find that if I do not have them on then I am flat out walking. (although it is very hot - no more summer pregnancies (if any) for me!!
3). I know what you are saying mum78 about getting up in the morning and veins popping out all over the place - I am a morning and night time showerer, but I have had to forego my morning shower (ugh) coz if I get up for even a couple of mins without stockings my legs are so much worse later in the day than if I didn't. I now leave my stockings along with a pair of rubber gloves by my bed the night before for me to put straight on in the morning before I even get up.
4). Rosehip tea is apparently good for circulation - I have been drinking that beyond a joke (trust me, the taste does grow on you) as well as keeping my fluids up (min 2 litres a day). Trying to eat LOTS of fruit to help in the hem department also. (i think it helps)
5). Witch Hazel Ointment (avail health food shops). Good for hems and good for veins - I find it relieves the pain a little, temporary. Rub in every night, or, if you aren't wearing stockings, rub onto real painful areas throughout the day, to give some relief.
6). I have recently read somewhere that a lady rubbed pure emu oil into her veins daily, and took emu oil & vit e capsules - she reckons she now has no varicose veins. I am a little reluctant to take the capsules whilst I am pregnant, but for the last day or so I have been rubbing emu oil on my legs at night before bed. Dare I say that maybe it does help? Too early for me to know for certain but they might be feeling a bit better afterwards.
7). We have elevated the end of our bed by sitting it on two phone books. Looks rather silly and hubby moaned a little about it but helps out with the legs.
8). I have also fairly recently started to do pregnancy pilates (avail on Video) and I think that I do feel good when I get a chance to do that, as you do a fair bit of stretching etc.
9). I have also about once a month been seeing an osteopath, he is doing a lot of work in my lower back region, helping to release things to help the blood flow back up. I find this helps to. It is interesting, he said to me that sitting is the worst thing for it - the best thing is to lie down as often as you can, than next best is to keep moving (walking), standing in the one spot (like ironing) is not good, you are best to do little amounts, walk around and do something else, and come back to it, and sitting is the absolute worst, so try and limit how long you sit for at a time.

I am going to look into a water birth, hoping that will help with the legs as well. Well, take care everybody and it is good to chat with others who know exactly how you are feeling. Sometimes I feel like a sook to, when someone suggests to do something and I say that I am in to much pain and just want to stay home.
Interested to hear any remedies you may have for the veins.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

Hi Michelle,

yes, I do think accupuncture helped reduce the veins. They can do all sorts of things for blood flow/circulation, plus I am on chinese herbs for post partum recovery. He also gives me a couple of jabs to help with the lower back pain, which I don't think is bad - but probably because I've had it for 3 years since the birth of girl#1! If you shop around you should be able to find a place that specialises in pregnancy/womens issues. I now see the male accupuncturist who specialises in back problems. He does some osteo-like manoevures on my back and legs, and is very understanding about what we mums go through to make and maintain these little babies!

I'm hoping to get back to them soon, as my veins in my left leg haven't gone down, and while they no longer throb they are still annoying.

mumto3, Qld, 3, 2 & newborn

I just remembered something I meant to write about the other day when I posted - I am not wanting to sound negative at all, but, my brothers girlfriends mum had really bad varicose veins. She went and got them stripped and something or other happened in which it became much worse. She says that she is now in a lot more pain then what she used to be and she basically permanently wears a stocking to help with the pain. She said that there is now nothing that can be done about it at all and she will have to put up with it for the rest of her life.

Just thought I would share that with you if you are looking at going down that path, may want to look into it as much as possible.

I must admit that after hearing her say that I feel more reluctant at getting something like that done later on down the track.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

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