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Hypertension in Labour Lock Rss


I'm stressing and hope someone can answer/help me with my question.

I had low blood pressure in my pregnancy with my daughter, now 6, on average 120/40 dropping to 110/30 in the final 2 wks of a 40wk pregnancy. When I went into labour I had hypertension, with my blood pressure peaking at 220/160 after medical intervention, but I was lucky with only a 3hr labour. I was on medication to lower my blood pressure for about 4 months afterwards.

Before I fell pregnant this time I had great BP but as the pregnancy goes on it continued to drop down to 120/40 again. After a scare last week my blood pressure is back to 130/60.

My concern is this happening again with this pregnancy, but when I ask my OB he tells me that it is rare to get it in the first place, let alone again. I have looked everywhere but can find no info on it, only on hypertension in pregnancy.

Has anyone had this before, or even better not had it the second time around? Any advice would be great as I am beginning to worry as the date gets closer.


Mum to Samantha (06) and due again 8/8/06

Hi Cat,

I have not had Hypertension (I suffer Hypotension), but my sister has with both preganacy's. At present she is 34 weeks gest and has been hospitalized with Hypertension (not pre-ecplamsia). Hers is only related to preganacy as well. A blood pressure though of 120/40 is Hypotensive, but the BP of 130/60 is perfectly fine. The unfortunate thing is that if you are pre-disposed to the condition with you last pregnancy then it increases the chance of it happening this pregnancy. Just hang in there mate, get as much rest as you can and put your feet up often.


My blood pressure went a bit mental with suspected pre-eclampsia (but had few symptoms of this apart from the bp) in the last month of pregnancy but went absolutely crazy just before labour (I was induced - so got a bit stressed) and they put me on medication to bring it down. It helped to stabalise it during labour- with no harm to bubs. I was very carefully monited and had bp checks every 20 minutes and the baby was monitered at that time too, to make sure she wasn't stressed. My labour was about 12 hours and it turned out fine. I had to stay on the medication for a couple of months after birth as it took a bit to settle down again.

There are steps they can take to stabilise high bp during labour and they are sooo careful to make sure everything is ok.

I have not had a second child but was told it is likely that it won't happen next time.

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

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