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How acurate are u/s scans to determine birth size at 36wks Lock Rss

I am due to have a scan next Tuesday to determine the birth weight of our baby. I will be 36wks and 2 days by then.

Just wondering how acurate they are? and if anyone has had drs get it really wrong.

They are going to measure head circumfrence, shoulders etc, and those things concern me more then the weight as our babies tend to be long and thin.
Hi there

I had a emergency c-section with my first child due to her being large 3.9kgs(8lb12oz) so wanted to see if my second was going to be big also. So at 37 weeks I had a scan & it indicated that bub was already 3.4kgs so was more than likely going to be around the same size or maybe bigger if she was overdue. I decided on an elective c-section because of this & at 39 weeks gave birth to a tiny 7lb3oz baby (3.2kgs)!!! So in my case it wasn't very accurate at all. A midwife did tell me though that the scans can vary upto 500g either way.

All the best to you

hi there,
i had a scan every wk from about 7 mths onwards and the size and weight always fluctuated the last scan they said she was a at least 6pounds but she came out only at 5p 3ounces. they did say that it is not 100% accurate as well.

hope this helps.

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

I am having a scan tomorrow 36wk 4 days to determine size of this bubs.......I had a scan at 32wks with the last pregnancy and the estimated birth weight was about 8lb 9...she ended up being 10lb. Apparently they are more accurate later in pregnancy....

hi there i had a scan the day of the night my waters broke and they told me my son would be a 9 pounder and when i had him he was only 6 pound 8 hope that helps

qld mother of 4yr zac 2yr landon and baby noah

Hi michelle,
When i was pregnant with my son i had a scan at 37 weeks as he did not have any fluid left around him, they estimated that he would be 12lbs!!!!!! which scared the bageebas out of me but when he was born he was 7lbs!!! BUT the reason they got that estimated weight was because he was 57cms long!!!! i should have figured as my hubby is 6ft 4!
So i wouldnt take it too seriously as sometimes they can be quite far off!smile my son is now 2 and is still a pretty slender but tall boy:)
Good luck with the birth:)smilesmile

From Amber:)

Amber, DS Bailey 09/03/04 & DS Astin 04/07/07

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