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going through labour alone Lock Rss


Im 39 weeks pregnant, so as you can imagine Im basically just waiting for this bubby to be bron. This is my first pregnancy and Im over the moon to soon be a new mum.
Im not really scared about labour, I know its going to hurt like hell, but bubs has to come out one way or the other. What I am concerned about is who I'll have in the labour room with me.
My relationship with my partner hasn't been exactly easy, I left him at 27 weeks because I was living away from my family (with him) and we were fighting everyday, it wasn't a very good situation for me to be in, I was copping a lot of verbal and physical abuse basically. Anyway so I moved back in with my family. My family live 5 hours away from my boyfriend, since I moved away i haven't seen him, just spoken to him on the phone a few times a week, trying to sort things out.
I love him dearly and was really hoping he could be with me at the birth of our first child. But it seems like he wont be here in time for that, even though he promised he would make it down here. I am really sad about this, its something I wanted to share with him and I was hoping that if he witnessed the event it might bring him back down to earth, make him grow up and be a responsible dad and make our relationship work.
i dont have any friends here and so its basically just my mum who could come with me, but she isn't very well so i dont know how she would cope.
Is there anyone out there who has gone through labour alone? or had to go through labour without their partner there?
Im sorry this has been such a long post, its just something that has been weighing on my mind a lot, especially since its only a few days away now.
Any comments would be appreciated
Bec xo
Hi Bec,

I am so sorry to hear about your situation. I know what it is like to have a partner with verbal and physical abuse. My partner is like that. I am nearly 32 weeks pregnant and i have to say that i dont get the physical abuse but i still get the verbal.
It doesnt make you feel good. But he is trying a little bit harder.
I really hope that your partner changes his mind about being there for the birth of your baby. It will be a magical experience. But even if he isnt there for that which i know will be heartbreaking for you because when you have this bubs you want the person you love most in the world to be there with you but once he holds his little bubs in his arms that might just be the wake up call he needs. It is probably a bit daunting for him as we get to get used to the idea earlier for we have to lug this basketball around.
I am hoping there might be someone that you can take to the hospital with you. I am so sorry your mum is not well. That is just another huge blow for you.
I know it is hard but just try to relax and enjoy the experience. It will change your life. Good luck.

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