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STREP B Lock Rss

I've just been informed that I have Strep B (over the phone from doc so haven't had a good talk with her yet) and that I'll need antibiotics when I go into labour so bub doesnt get it. Does anyone know anything about this? Also what if bub does get it??

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i just got back from an appointment with my midwife who told me i was getting tested next week for GBS and i was unsure of what it was so i had a look on the net... i think if you dont get treated for it, your bub can die or get handicapped but antibiotics should do the trick!
thats what i just read smile hope everything goes okay for you!!
Hi Sara,

I was Strep B positive, though our little girl was 3 weeks early. When I went to the hospital they told me I was Strep B Positive and that they are going to induce me as my waters had broken. Basically they give you antibiotics every 3 hrs and if you don't have the antibiotics, bubs will have to be on a drip when born. I did not find it a big deal, probably because everything happened so quickly.

Take Care

Edwina, 28 - Sydney. 16 month old girl

Hey sara

i was told i have strep B as well, i dont really know much about it, except that if its passed onto your baby then it can effect their heart. My midwife told me that about 14% of women have the virus, but only about 1 in 1000 babies will contract it from their mothers. They said they'd put me on a drip as soon as i have the baby. They said just to remind the midwives and doctors that i GBS when i go into the hospital.

bec xo
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