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Pre-eclampsia Lock Rss

I've just been told there's a chance i have pre-eclampsia. This is for the ladies that has had it... what was your blood pressure at when they told you it was getting high?
Mine wasnt that high but i've always had low blood pressure and then i've got protein in my urine. So is there a chance i could get it?
I got pre-eclampsia with my 1st child, the day before I was due I had protein in my urine and my BP went up to 160/110 and I had alot of swelling and as they couldnt' induce me as my cervix was not ready I was then rushed in for an emergancy C-Section, I came out of this operation not so good as my BP went even higher before and during the op. I suffer High BP through out my pregnancies and have to be on medication to keep it normal, but during the 2nd trimesters it goes too low so I come of the medication for a while but it soon creeps back up near the end again. With my 2nd I had another CS but I did not develop the pre-eclampsia just my BP was high but not as bad as first. I'm pregnant now with my 3rd and into my 2nd trimester now and this pregnancy has been exactly the same as my other 2.
I only suffer high BP during pregnancies and I can not take the Pill either as it does the same pushes my BP up way too high.
I would say your dr should keep an eye on you and reguarly check your BP and watch for swelling in hands and feet and even my face puffed right up with it.

hi denae, i developed pre eclampsia 2 weeks ago. i was put in hospital at 37 weeks with my blood pressure at 170/90 and traces of protein in my urine. the next day my feet puffed up within 2 hours and my ctg monitering was getting worse. i had to do a 24 hour urine collection and it came back with more than a trace of protein. they also did a liver function test and took more bloods and they test it for something but not exactly sure what!! i was in hospital for 2 days and then i turned 38 weeks and they had to induce me as i was getting worse. i now have a beautiful 2 week old daughter!! hope this helps and everything goes well for you!! XX
Holy cow, reading some of the BP readings is amazing!
I was just going to tell you mine was considered borderline at 143/86 but since then it has been lower, averaging 130/80 now so the ob is happy with that.
I finished work a few days ago so that wil lbe interesting to see how that effects it.
Are you still working? Stopping work might help?
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