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Going to the loo after a c-section!!!!! Lock Rss

Hi all, I have just been on another thread talking about anxiety attacks. I might have to have a c-section due to a low lying placenta. This, doesn't worry me greatly, as like everybody, I just want the safe arrival of my baby....but, as I just mentioned, I suffer from anxiety attacks (although haven't had one for over 8 months and am on the mend so to speak). I'm always one for nipping to the loo, and am feeling a bit worried about how I am going to go, if I have had an epidural for c section. The thought of a catheter or bed pan horrifies/ terrifies me...silly I know.

I would be very greatfull if anyone can advise me what will happen should I need the loo etc. and if they will use a catheter etc. I was a bit scared to ask the midwife.

This isn't a joke question, I am generally a confident person overall, except when it comes to my bowel habits!!!

Thank you all for reading,
My experiences were;
The catheter was put in before operation and left in for the day following the operation.
The spinal drugs were wearing off for the first day anyway, so I wouln't have been able to walk to the toilet.
The nurses like you to get up and moving to restore blood flow asap after this, so catheter was taken out the next day and the nurses or my husband helped me up and the the toilet, when I felt the need.
Things worked just as usual on the toilet so, all in all, I didn't find it too much of a problem... I can understand your concern though; it's probably just fear of the unknown. Try to get the confidence to ask the midwives any questions; I;m sure they get plenty of tricky ones!
Best of Luck!
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