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I Have a cold Lock Rss

I have 12 days until I am due and I woke up this morning with a bad cold and a nasty cough. I am starting to worry about how this will affect me during labour. Has anyone else given birth while being sick?

dd 9, ds 13 months, ds 27/08

yes i guess i can say i have

i had really bad gastro when i had my second, you will find ur body find the energy to push when it need to, but when its over all u will want to do is SLEEEEEEEP
hope u get better before bubs is born
i have a few weeks left and just come down with a bad flu.. its so bad isnt it!!!
i keep coughing and my stomach keeps tensing i hope bub is allright let me know how you go... everyone i have spoken to says its allright just get plenty of rest .. in otherwords stay in bed all day! drink heaps of fluids and stay rugged up and heaps of baths. k.
let me know how you go

round 2 mumma

I had the same thing and I went into labour in the next couple of days....



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