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Siblings at the birth Lock Rss

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone else has had siblings present at the birth of subsequent children. I am planning on have my two children in the room with me and my hubby when I give birth (as long as they are both happy and comfortable out it). We will have my parents waiting in the waiting area just incase they don't wish to go in or remain in the room. It would be nice to know the reactions that your children had to the whole process. My youngest (6 years old) is very excited and keeps asking if he can come in with us, I can just imagine though when I am pushing this child out he will be looking and saying wow look at that, the baby is coming out of you. Which which will either make me laugh or cringe. My eldest son (9 years old), still asks when the baby is coming, but hasn't asked about being in the room. He also suffers from a form of Autism and ADD, so I think I may play it by ear with him, becuase if he even sees a look of pain on my face or sees me cry he gets a little upset.

Would be great to hear from people on this topic.

My Mum gave me the option of being at the birth of my youngest sister (there is 15years between us). I decided not to, but saw her about 20 minutes after she was born. I also got to bath her for her first bath, so that was very special.

Have either of your kids seen anything like this on TV?

There is a Pregnancy & Birth show on SBS on Sunday evening (16th) at 8.30pm. Maybe see what their reaction is to that.

Good Luck!

Honey xox

Hi, I haven't done it yet but will be in about 4 1/2 weeks. I have a 3yr old and we are new to town and don't have family we can rely on so it is a matter of thats just how it has to be. I'm optimistic about it and happy for dad to take him for walks ect just depends on how things progress but one way or another dad will be there when bub comes out so our 3yr old will be too. Good Luck, When are you due?
Hi Jo

My eldest was present at his sister's birth, he was 8 at the time. He ended up being there by default as we had no time for alternative arrangements. In hindsight, I think it was the best thing that happened for us all and he seems to have nothing but great memories of the whole thing.

He held her first (after myself and hubby) and their bond is magical, I believe that has a lot to do with it.

My son is now 11 and I asked him just this morning if he wanted to be there for this one. He didn't spend any time thinking, he just said that yes he did, with the biggest smile on his face.

Our daughter will only be 3 when the time comes for this one. We are going to play it by ear with her as she'll need looking and running around after which just may be a lot to deal with, but I'm going to see how I feel on the day. The midwives are great with it all so no pressure for me either way. But then, I may not have a choice again!

My best wishes to you all gasp)


4 beautiful children

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