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Do you remember the pain of your labour? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I was curious as to how many of you actually remember how bad labour really was or has the memories of the pain involved faded. I can remember the sequence of events and how incredibly long it all was with labour starting at 7:30 on Wednesday night and DD being born at 2:20pm on Friday. I can remember being in the delivery room sucking on the gas like there was no tomorrow. As far as the pain from the contractions goes I can't really remember them. The only part that is still vivid in my mind and raises the hairs on my arms when I think about it was when the doctor who had been called in due to complications shoved a cathedar up and then proceeded to cut me with a pair of scissors for an episiostomy (sp). I had only used the gas thoughtout labour so this hurt like nothing I could have imagined. Then they stuck the vaccuum up which was also a nightmare. The doctor did offer to numb me before putting my stitches in which always makes me laugh now.

Would love to hear your memories of labour. The good, the bad and the ugly.


Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl

hi karen,
It was 10 yrs ago i gave birth but the memories i have will haunt the rest of my days!!! joking!!!!
Pain, no i cant remember what it felt like i can only remember it hurt! I also remember it was long and painful as i couldnt eat!
and the pain of seeing my mother and my mil at the time arguing over who was more important to be there for me whilst i had this baby was even more painful than i could ever imagine. The father was non existant so his mother had asked me if he didnt want to be involved could she come with , of course i was young and silly and said yes but my mum was to be there too. Of course they couldnt agree to disagree while i was in severe pain so i sent them both out and had him on my own in the end! dramas!!! this baby is going to be different though. NO ONE but my hubby is going to be there!!!! Im now in a beautiful marraige which is why its going to be so different this time:)

Big belly hugs kristyXX

Kristy mum to jamie and 4 month old imogen

i remember my labour as it was only 4 weeks ago. haha i dont actually remember much only bits n pieces i remember the pain of the contractions that was the most painful thing i think. i dont remember the 'ring of fire' or when they broke my waters. so i think that was pretty lucky. coz ive read that it can be pretty painful. i do remember the doc stitching me up the weirdest sensation aye.


I haven't given birth for nearly sixteen years and I used to think it was the pethedine I was injected with that caused me to 'lose' large chunks of time from my first birth, but apparently this is not necessarily so ...

This time around, we've been attending ante-natal classes and they tell us that there's a reason so many people don't remember specifics about their births afterwards. It seems that the endorphins released into your body during childbirth (nature's pain-killer) also have an amnesiac effect ... basically serving to block out a lot of the memories of childbirth.

Thinking about it now, I suppose these memory-blocking endorphins are all a part of our survival instinct as I doubt many people would go through childbirth a second time if they could remember every second of agony in detail!! lol

Nicole - WA - Mummy to 2 Girls (16yrs & 9mths)

i was reading something and apparently after giving birth the brain in females release something to make them forget the pain of labour they can remember that it hurt but not the actual feeling. they said it is because the pain could stop females from reproducing.
to cut me with a pair of scissors for an episiostomy (sp). !!!!!!!!!
oh my god!!! Wasnt that the most toe curling pain of all!!! I think really hard & the contraction pain is quite hard to put my finger on but the scissors!!!
I had an epidural as i was induced by Sentosin after 18 hours of contractions with broken waters & only 1cm dilated. (very disappointing!) The registrar who delivered my boy 9 hours later just went in there & got busy. The bed was suddenly a footless gurney with my legs strapped to stirrups , my head was lowered down & then she told me 'i am going to cut you now' . I can remember thinking ' why tell me??' Then the pain of THREE chomps of the scissors.. the only time i screamed out during the whole labour. Registrar either had forgotten that the epidural had been allowed to wear off for last hour & half or didnt think about it. Then she proceeded to sew me up without a local. My darling midwife who could see i was not enjoying it at all got a local out & they gave it to me. So .... might not remember the actual pain of labour but ......
Hey Kez,

I can remember the labour of my son vagly but as for his first few days and the first time i held him not much at all, I lost alot of blood after birth and those memorys are vage. As for my daughter as soon as the cotractions started I was already in hospital I returned to the same birthing suite my son was born and his birth came flodding back The pain of the birth was all in my mind as I had a water birth with my son i wasnt alloud drugs but when I remembered the burning from the head tearing I asked for drugs, It ended up been to late and time to push, My first was a slow labour only 9 hours but it seemed slow and not as painfull as my daughter who arrived in 55 mins very painful as it was full on no rest.

You should read the amazing birth storys cuz there are some good ones in there.

Mel, Bailey 30/3/03, Jaida 10/12/04 & EDD 3/3/07

Hi everyone

I rermber every think it was only 4 weeks a go I remember the pain was so bad it started about 8:00am and finished at 10:36pm that night I was in label for 16 hours bub was 2 weeks over gue and still did not want to come so I was injured the day before but anyways was in the bed sucking the hell out of the gas and then it got to the point that he was coming and they had to move me to this sit that looked like a toilet so I was there say to the nurse is hie there yet it was so painful I just wanted it to be all over so then he had come out I was so glad it was over but then the nurse said that I had to be stitched up and I was like please no more pain so then I got stitched up in 3 different spots but I had a beautiful baby boy and well he was 9.6 pounds and 56 centimeters so yes I remember every thing I would just like to know if it is normal to remember it over and over in your head and what the people said to you.

Thank you to everyone and I hope this helped you
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