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Pethadine? What are you opinions? Lock Rss

Hi ladies you may have read my other posts re the apparent difficulty of obtaining a epidural in anything other than emergency situations. I'm told that gas and pethadine are my only realistic options. I'm not keen on gas as my understanding is that it's not that good and will probably make me nauseous and peth I've always believed leaves you off with the fairies and has limited sucess for pain relief too. Also some vague thought surfacing in my mind is telling me something about peth having an effect on the baby. I'd love to hear from those of you who have had it and what you thought. Thanks.
Neither option will leave you pain free. Both gas and peth only take the edge off the pain. I tried the gas but was sick imediatelly after. Mind you I was in transition so I may have been sick anyway. I would suggest trying it and seeing as I know a lot of people who have used it with great success.

As for pethadine, you are right, it does affect baby. Given too close to delivery and it can cause breathing problems in the baby. My personaly view? it is a hard narcotic and as It wont take the pain away, I saw no reason to expose myself or my baby to its effects. I have also heard a lot of stories of it doing nothing to help with the pain. I would hate to take something that will affect my and my babies body and it being useless. At least with the gas you know straight away and can stop.

Sorry ot much help. Have yopu thought about hiring a TENS machine? I used one with my most recent birth and it was fantastic! If it wasnt for DD turning posterior in labour Im sure I could have only used it for pain relief. It doesnt take it away like an epi but it sure takes the edge off and makes it more bareable.

Good Luck

Mumma to DD1 Jan 04 and DD2 Mar 06

I had pethidine in my first pregnancy and found it was good to kinda take the edge of my contractions although it really didn't do to much for the rest of the labour journey as it wears out 2-3 hours. Gave me the dries and felt a little out of it but I preferred that compared to the pain for the short time I had the relief.
I have read that pethidine crosses the placental barrier and can cause breathing difficulties after birth for the baby.
If you do opt for a pethidine, you should ask if you can start off with small doses to begin with.
Hi Brismummy,

I didn't have any drug pain relief with either of my births (not to say I won't this time). I have never had the gas, but have been seen it administered and 5/10 people will vomit from it or feel sick as it does have a slight smell to it. It is only short acting, so as soon as you have taken a big breath in of it, you have to get another one in within 1 minute to relieve the discomfort. I have had pethadine before every two hours for a major ear infection, this unfortunately left me away with the fairies and out of control. By the next morning I was so groggy. It does have a semi sedating effect so your body relaxes enough to try and fight the pain. I still had discomfort there though.

I hope this helps.

P.S. I think it is wrong that your hospital does not support epidural for pain relief in labour, as some women especially ones that have a posterior birth have terrible back ache and would need that kind of relief to help them through.

I haen't had pethadine for Labour (as this is my first pregnancy) however I had it for another op and I personally couldn't handle it.
It made me so hot, dizzy and sick.
But having said that, everyone reacts to drugs differently.

Good Luck!

Honey xox

My first and third births I asked for Pethadine but was too near to delivery - they don't like to give it if they expect you to give birth within 2 hours. My middle birth I had it, made me feel like I had been drinking lots! I used gas and air for all of my births and was sick each time but it gave me something to do, on the last one I was just biting the mouth peice when I had the contractions and not taking in the gas! Gas and air does not have any effects on the baby. Have you considered TENS, something I used for 2 of my births, that was natural and it did help take the edge of the pain, you can hire them from chemists.

Nikki, Brissie, mum of 3,

during my 1st labour i had both (in fact had everything on offer LOL)i found the gas great but made me quite silly the pthidine was useless

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi, I dont want to scare you or anything, but i wish i had of known what i know now when i was having my bub.
I got to the hospital at midnight on new years eve, and there were no drs or anything there to give me the epidural that i so desperately wanted. Gas and Peth were my only options. I had a shot of peth and they also gave me a needle to stop me from feeling nauseas. Then i started on the gas. I hated it from the start, but i just wanted something to take the pain away. Neither the gas or peth helped with the pain, they just made me feel so out of it, i couldnt move or speak.
The weird thing is, that after the peth had worn off and i stopped using the gas, i was either in less pain, or i was able to handle it better.

I can tell you now, that i will never ever again use gas or pethedine, and i wish i had of known the effect it could have on me. For my next baby, i have decided that i am going to have a home waterbirth (even tho were not even TTC #2 yet!!!).

Good luck with your birth, and if you do decide to use the gas and peth, i pray that you dont have the same effects as me.

I had peth with my first, and won't be having it this time. I was falling totally asleep in between 2 minute apart contractions and waking with a bang of the pain hitting me. It made me relaxed and out of it but did nothing for the actual pain.

It also made my third stage of pushing very long as I had no energy and felt too tired.

My daughter was fine and didn't present with any major symptoms.

I'm not sure what I will try this time, maybe the gas, but like you I am a little concerned it will make me sick.

Good luck with everything


Gina,QLD 4yrs girl & due 2/9/06

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