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went to my booking today for my second baby upcoming arrival only to enter the same room in which i gave birth to my baby girl and all the memories that were fuzzy came flooding back. im now 33 weeks and scared s*%tless of it all happening again but i dont know whether it is the pain or my waters breaking (as it happened first last time and i was at my mums) what if it happens while im shopping? i was worried about it happening in bed but i solved that today by buying a vinyl cover for my mattress NO WAY im jepodising that thing paid WAY to much for it.

i hope that makes sense i also im scared of another tear, i had a 2nd degree tear last time. its amazing the things you forget when you want to have another child!!!!

does anyone feel the same way or am i losing the plot?

manda smile xx

DD may 03, DS oct 06

Hi Manda,
No your not losing the plot. I too am feeling scared and this is my 3rd time.
My first I was induced, had gas, pethadine then epidural (yay) then almost had a c-section but didn't thankfully, had 3 failed ventouse, an episiotomy, forceps and 3rd degree tear, and a fairly quick labour. It took me 3 weeks to emotionally and phyisically get over that birth.
So with number 2 I was so scared leading up to the birth as memories of my first haunted me. 2 days overdue I went into labour naturally and and there was no time for drugs at the hospital (short labour)after only 7 mins of pushing and a 2nd dregree tear I pushed him out and recovered so quickly that I actually remember that labour as not being too bad...painful YES but I felt more in control, and had no drugs making me feel hazey.
Still as this birth approaches (5wks away) I am starting to feel scared again. Mainly because I want to be able to get to the hospital on time both my labour progressed quickly and I just don't want to be halfway there etc...
Plus I am terrified of the crowning stage, where you push bubs head out. I am not looking forward to that pain.
Don't stress too much, just try to keep your mind busy with your 1st child, and go out with friends you don't have so much time to sit and think, and if your water breaks in the shops, oh well I'm sure everyone will realise what it is and no harm will be done.
Take it easy and keep busy.
Mel smile

Mel, SA, Jayden 10/02, Harley 08/04, Zoe 09/06

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