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Worried Mum Lock Rss

Hi all

How am I going to cope!!

I am 35 weeks pregnant and have a ten month old already. So they will be just under a year apart.

10 month old only sleeps through a couple of times a week, so I am already exhausted from sleep deprivation, no to mention hormonal.

Any tips on how to cope during labour and after birth would be great smile

All the best

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hi zacs mum.
Do you have any family or friends close to you that may be able to take Zac for one or two nights a week, or even a day a week to give you time to rest before your baby is born. Any little bit helps, my mother in law takes my daughter every now and then and while I miss her heaps the 'me' time is great.
As for your labour and birth, just go into it with an open mind. Be optimistic that you are going to cope with it but also be prepared to accept any intervention that may be required.
Accept any help that is offered to you before and after bubs is born, put your personal feelings aside about others doing things for you. It may only be a cooked tea once in a while but its one less for you to prepare.
Hope this helps and good luck with your birth, keep us informed wont you.

Anna 25/8/02, Joshua 27/4/05

Hi ZacsMum,

I understand how scared and worried you are - I'm also pg and have a young baby, although I'll have around a 14 mth gap between mine which will make it a little easier. I'm 13wks pg and have an 8mth old. I think we'd be crazy if we weren't worried about how things will be but I'm just really trying to stay positive and remind myself that although it will be hard, I'll get through it and it'll just keep getting easier as time goes by.

Everything seems so much worse when you're so sleep deprived and you know that soon things are going to get even harder, too. Luckily Adara's sleeping really well again for me but from 2wks after conception until I was 11wks pg, she was waking up hungry 3-6 times every night, as she was breastfed but I had lost my milk so she was losing weight. We recently found a formula that she would drink and now she's much better. Have you considered taking him to a sleep school? It worked for a friend of mine.

I agree that if you do have family or friends that you trust to look after either baby (or both, one at a time so you can spend time with the other one) you really should use that. Just try and get as much help as you can to get through it. Is your partner able to take some time off work when you come home from hospital?

What have you organised for the labour and birth? I'm getting my MIL to bring her to the hospital when it's nearly over so she can come into the room as soon as I've delivered, and my birthing centre will let her and my husband stay with us in our room for as long as we stay there. I don't think it'd be a good idea for such a little one to see me in so much pain but I do want to have her close to me afterwards.

My biggest concern isn't about the lack of sleep and coping with the babies and housework, etc., it's whether I'll be able to spend as much quality time as I'd like to with each one and how Adara will feel about sharing me when she's so young.

I'm sorry, I can't really give you much advice that you wouldn't have already worked out yourself as I haven't been through it yet... But I'd love to chat if you'd like to, my msn is [email protected] Let me know how you go with it, even if you don't want to chat (or have time to!).

Wow, sorry it's such a long post!!!!! Good luck with everything!

Take care,

Mel wink

I'm also expecting my second bub. i'm due in 2 weeks, but there will be a 15 month gap between my two.
As one of the other ladies said, accept all the help you can get. any close family or friends make useful babysitters..
I'm lucky that my husband understands that i need "me" time, so he will look after our girl while i sleep in, have a long bath or relax..
as for labour, I'm not sure about that one, but I'm sure you will be fine.. this will be my first labour, so i dont know what to expect. but my mother is coming to visit and mind baby while hubby is with me..

hope all goes well with you.


[email protected]

Hi Zacsmum,

I have 2 boys that are 11 months and 17days apart. when I had them I was only 22. I was horrified at the thought at first. It was rough for a while I admitt that especially when Hubby was at work. My Mum helped out heaps too. She used to come over a few times a week and then when she saw i was close to burning out I was ent off to sleep while she looked after them both. I agree with if you have someone you trust close by, as it helped me greatly.
Also once you get in a routine it becomes a little easier too. I also placed my eldest child into childcare for a few hours per week, once his brother was a few months old and the helped out heaps too.
Good luck with it all

Kathy,VIC,Josh 8, Alex 7, Michael 1

Thanx for all your replies

Sorry I cant send emails etc, but I will let you all know how I go

All the best

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