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Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) Lock Rss

Please feel free to discuss your experience with either preparing for, trying, or achieving a VBAC for your second or more babies here in this thread dedicated to mums who have this as their aim.

Hi, im pregnant with me 2nd baby, a girl! yay! and im going to be trying for a vbac. im so positive and determined to have a vbac after my horrible first birth.

i went into labour with zane but after many hours of labour, syntocin drip, pethidine, gas, epidural i was whisked away to have a em c-section. and to add to that the epidural wasnt working at all and i could feel the ice on my belly so i was put under general anth.

i really felt like i missed out on my beautiful baby boys birth and im so determined to have a vbac. if i achieve it, i think it'll be a really empowering and healing time for me.

I had my first daughter by em. c-section as she got stuck in my pelvis and went into foetal distress.
When I got pregnant the second time I had the same midwife who encouraged me to try for a VBAC.
Every time I saw my midwife, she'd have a leaflet or information for me on having a VBAC.
I had to go and see a specialist at the hospital who told me in no uncertain terms, that if I didn't progress to her satisfaction I'd be in theatre. Not the news any expectant mum to be wants to really hear.
Anyway almost two weeks past my due date I awoke at 5am with mild contractions. I was at the hospital by 8.30am.
Due to the threat of having to go to theatre I was hooked up to an epidural, which I could adminster myself and confined to bed. We progressed really quickly until we got to the part where my first child got stuck.
My midwife never doubted my ability to have a VBAC and several long hours later I delivered our wonderful unstressed 9lb 5oz daughter with only a little assistance by ventuose.
So it is possible. Gather as much information as you can and surround yourself with people who believe in you. All the best.

chch,13mth old

Hi there,
I had a Em c seciton at 32 weeks with my daughter and I felt like my world had ended she was so tiny and was taken to another hostpital (i live on the gold coast and she was taken to brisbane) 2 days later I fist meet my beauitful baby girl I am now 13 weeks with my secound and I really want a vbac but in the end it not how they come into the world it is how we love them when they are hear and good luck with you vbac I know I will be trying for one by they way they say if you walk for 30 mins 4 times a week it incress your chances by 27% GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!
my second baby was born by c-section and i was worried i would have to have another with my third. teh doctor told me i would have to go to the hospital as soon as i went into labour as i would have to be hooked up to monitors to keep as eye on me and bub.i went to hospital when contractions started but was not hooked up to any monitors until about 29mins before bub was born because the doctor did not relise i had had a c-section. i gave birth to my first baby girl without any thing going wrong.

I do wish to have a VBAC after having emerg.. c-section.

I have Gestational diabetes so I am worried the baby will be big again. I am on insulin.

My OB told me I will not be induced at 38 weeks dont know why.

This will be our last child per the complications so I pray to god for a VB and a healthy baby.

My husband doesn't understand my pain that I experienced and I had post natal depression.

Good Luck to you other mums with a VB.
We can only pray for the best outcome of the baby.


4 1/2 yrs boy 28 mth girl

Hi Lauraine,
My name is Angela and I'm pregnant with baby number 7(Noah) and he's due 21st May. My last child Amy (4) was my first caesar due to foetal distress caused by medical intervention.
I am planning my first homebirth. I've found a wonderful midwife who has 20 years experience up her sleeve and I have thouroughly researched this topic. I live south of Adelaide.
Hope to hear from you soon
After 27.5 hours of labour and having only dialated 2cms, I was in too much agony to continue naturally with my first born, Jayson. I had the gas, epridural and even tried breathing exercises to minimise the pain with no luck. The epridural wasn't during it's job and so I had to be put to sleep for the caeser...2 and a half hours later, i met my little man for the first time. I am currently 12 weeks pregnant with our second little angel and am hoping to have a vaginal birth with both my mum and husband by my side.

The following is a briefing of my first delivery in June 2005 and the recent (28th April 07) VBAC of my second baby.

Sorry it's actually a long story..........

My first pregnancy ended in an emergency c/section.
I was induced 6 days post dates with Gels and Syntocin and only dialated to 2cms after 7.5hours of labour. My baby suddenly went into distress and I was whisked away for the C/Section. It was noted on my notes as "Failure to progress" being the reason for the C/Section. (i wish they wouldn't call it that) My then OB told me to book a C/Section next time round. No reasons given.

I did a bit of reaserch and found out that a VBAC is possible! My main reason for this was the recovery factor - It really knocked me about for a good 3 months after the birth.

When I fell pregnant the second time I sought an OB that I heard had very low c/section rates and had been delivering bubs for over 34years (and turned out to be a wonderful compasionate doctor also)
We discussed the VBAC at our first appointment, he said "I encourage natural/vaginal childbirth as it is what nature intended" and just because my first ended in a C/Sec does not mean this one will - "We will try and see what happens" and so this was my attitude throughout the pregnancy.

I read heaps and heaps of birth stories good and bad in the mean time. I also read about the dreaded risk of VBACs = Scar rupture

Well my due date came and went and my OB said it was worth inducing me and as he really believed I could deliver normally. I was hesitant as I'd "read" that inducing with Syntocin increased the risk of Uterine or Scar rupture. I was scared and at that point had hoped he was going to say "lets book you in for a C-section"
I then thought; NO go with your gut and I trusted my OB so much that I knew if anything started to go wrong he would know what to do.

Friday 27th of April 2007. (5 days overdue)
I started having mild contractions at about 6pm every 30-40 minutes or so ... I was excited. I went to hospital at midnight as planned for induction and the contractions stopped! I had gels put in and the next morning nothing happened so was I was given a second dose. By noon i had only dialated 1cm so dr broke my waters. Epidural was already in by this stage (in case I ended up needing a c/section).
By about 2.30pm I began to feel real pain and an urge to push (it really felt like having to do a number 2) the midwives couldn't belive it but when she checked me internally I had dialated to 4pm when Dr came he basically said Hello let's check - WOW start pushing. I had dialated to 10cm (all this happened in less than 4 hours.
I was in shock...........I pushed with all my might for about 40mins and on the last push she just basically flew out. 9lb 4oz little girl named Sienna......I was in tears......of joy I thought I was having another boy.
In the meantime the Dr told me i had "a tear" little did I know that I was almost bleeding to death with a medium internal tear. I had to have 2 pints of blood. My husband almost passed out.
Now it's 2 weeks later and despite the initial pain of the tear - I feel almost 100%. I'm so happy that I was able to deliver her normally, especially for the recovery.
I forgot to mention that bubs and I were constanly monitered during labour in case my scar began to rupture.

Anyway that's my story - sorry that's a long one.

Mum to Stefan and Sienna

I had my first baby by ceasarian section and hoping to have my second by vbac at the end of July. It is so nice to read other people's stories. I am starting to worry I have 10 weeks to go, I hope I can "trust my gut", I do have trust in my OB and the midwives I spoke to at the hopsital. I am new to the area (central coast), has anyone have any experiences with North Gosford Private Hospital.

Mum to Isobelle & Harrison

Hi everyone,
it has been great reading your stories. I am due in 15 weeks and planning to attempt a VBAC. I had a planned c-section due to having a multiple pregnancy. This time however i am really keen to experience the whole labour thing, especially with a planned c-section the first time - it kind of felt like showing up for an ingrown toe nail removal on the day.
Everyone i know thinks i am mad!!! so it is nice to read some other people feel the same urge to try. My daughters had a lot of breathing complications and other problems when born and from speaking to specialists and reading many books and articles it seems having a natural birth can reduce the risk of these complications. I look forward to reading many more posts about VBAC (the good and not so good) to be prepared. Good Luck to everyone who has yet to attempt one.
Hi Girls,

I am 22 wks pregnant. I am also hoping to have a successful VBAC grin My 1st DS was born naturally at 39 weeks (induced). He was 8pd 11oz and tore me. My 2nd DS was born via c-section at 39 weeks (breech). He was 9pd 2oz.

Because I had a lot of complications with my c-section and because there will only be a 12 month age gap between my babies the midwives/doctors really want me to try for a VBAC ??

17-18 weeks to go !!!

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