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Artificial rupture of membranes Lock Rss

My midwife talked to me today about breaking my waters if I was in labour and had been for awhile but was only about 5cm dilated. She said I had to be prepared to dilate fast and for the pain to increase to the maximum very quickly after that.

I'm kind of inclined to agree to it (if its necessary) since the pain is going to get bad no matter what and I think I'd rather get it over with quickly then wait for hours letting it build up. However, this was never given to me as an option with my first baby so I'm wondering if anyone else has been offered it or done it and what it was actually like.

Mum to Caitlin & Owain

They broke my waters with my second baby, the labour was prgressing slowly so they asked if i wanted it done. I was a bit apprehensive cause i knew it would be intense after that, but i decided to go ahead with it and my baby was born an hour and a half later. If they offer it again i will do it because it gets the whole process over with quicker. The pain did get intense just after they did it, but i was pushing very soon after too.
Hi Paula,

I had dilated 6 cm in 3 hours but then it took 6 hours to dilate the last 4 cm my waters intack until 5 mins before birth. My second I acidently broke my waters at 2-3 am as I touched my babys head my labour was intence but only 55 mins from start to finish. Intence is more you just need to be comfortable like if water on you back helps thats a good thing and use it. Its all worth it when your holding your baby and you will not worry about how intence your labour has been. Been in labour for a long time is very tiring and is sometimes worse then intence but quick pain. You can also get drugs at the time you get them broken to help cope with the pain.

Congratulations on your soon to be birth.

Mel, Bailey 30/3/03, Jaida 10/12/04 & EDD 3/3/07

With my first I had this done, I had a quick labour & when I got to hospital I was already 5cm so m/w asked if I wanted it done, I said well I'm already in pain so lets just get it over with. All I felt was the water gushing there was no pain. After that things continued to go quickly & bubs was born about 3 hours later. (most of that time was pushing)
I thought it happened as soon as you went into labour so wasn't worried about having thnigs helped along!

Heidi, NZ, DD apr 05, DS apr 07

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