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5 days to go with number 2 Lock Rss

Hi alll,
well im due on monday with bubs number 2 and i seem to be looking for labour signs more this time. Bubs number 1 came 4 days early so that would make it this friday if this one was to follow same patter... its my birthday tomorrow though so he may decide to grace us as a present smile although i doubt it as i feel nothing sad

Anyone else in their last few days?


I got 2 weeks to go...but thats with a booked caeser...i could go anytime b4 that tho,if that helps???
Probly not..but i can kind of understand what your going thru..its all soo close we are to having another bubs in our family!!
Hope u got everything packed for the hospital,and got ya nursery all sorted etc!!!
Take it easy,and best of luck all goes well for ya..


Hi karinaL,
Yes I am due Tuesday with my 3rd, and I too am looking for the signs!!
I have been getting regular and stronger contractions coming evry 20mins for a couple of hours then dying down...this happens every 2nd day or so and has gotten worse this is accompanied with severe lower back pain like when I went into early labour with my 2nd, however nothing has come of them yet. So I have and appointment tomorrow morning to see what's happening, and my midwife will most likely do a stretch....not sure thought, will have to wait and see.

The last week can be so draining emotionally and physically, so I try to keep my mind etc..busy as I can, so today I am taking the boys to a Play Cafe to get out of the house and have a coffee and relax for a while, then I am pretty much busy until mid next week.......unless she decides to come before her due date..LOL.

Anyway hope everything goes well for your labour....and Happy Birthday for Today!!! smile smile
Mel x

Mel, SA, Jayden 10/02, Harley 08/04, Zoe 09/06

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