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False Labour Rss

Just wondering if anyone has experienced like a false labour? My due date is today however Sunday night I had contractions that started at 11.30pm and by 3.30am they were gone - this was once I laid down to rest through contractions as suggested by midwife.
Monday I had a few niggles and the odd contraction however today nothing.
Does anyone know if this goes on for long before the real labour begins?
I never had this with my first labour - once they started they continued until my son was born.

Deb, ChCh NZ, son DOB 19/9/04, #2 EDD 25/9/06


I have had it MANY a time.

With DD #1 i had it more times than i could count from 34 wks on and had her at 38 wks by induction. I was admitted to hospital every time and the m/w were convinced i would deliver as i had 3 min contractions for days and then suddenly they would stop for a few days then start up again.

Shouldnt happen too often with you though, being 40 wks now.

Good luck with the birth grin

Kristi 5 kids.

Hey deejie,

I never had this with my son but when having my daughter I had these contractions every 5 mins for 30 secs for a period of about 5 hours, I decided to go up to the hospital and get checked to see if it was at leasted pre-labour and my doctor (who was pregnant at the time and a real cow) said oh how am I ment to know your not in labour so go home, I asked again is this pre-labour and she said, unlikle as your only 36 weeks but you'll know if the baby comes. (i was not inpressed) but I went home and it all settled 3 days later my water broke and I decided I better clean up, 2 hours later when hubby returned home I told him and he took me up to the hospital and I wasnt ready for that as I thought I'd have a long or at leasted 6 hour labour and didnt want to run into that same doctor for her to be nasty again and make me feel like crap as I hadnt started contractions, 55mins later my beautiful daughter was welcomed to the world.

Its not faulse labour its getting ready preperation so make sure you have everything ready to gt to hospital when (and it could be anytime soon) your baby decides its now Im coming, Hope everything goes well and very soon your wait will be over. Congratulations and good luck with the labour.

Belly rubs

Mel, Bailey 30/3/03, Jaida 10/12/04 & EDD 3/3/07

I have had a false labour and they suck.... I started at 10.30pm last night and had contractions until 4.30am this morning. Then they dissapeared and came back at 9.30am. At this point I got my hopes up that I was in labour until they completely dissapeared again at 12pm. My due date is on Thursday. I have no idea if how long you have it before real labour begins, some people get it 16 hours before real labour and I have heard of people having false labours weeks before they actually went into labour. I would love to know too. I don't want to get my hopes up again only to have them wasted. This is my first child so I have no idea what to expect through all of this.....

due on 19/10

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