good afternoon,

we are 8 weeks pregnant and are having our 2nd child @ Westmead PUBLIC hospital.
I am wanting to chat with ANY mums who have had their babies their in the last couple of months, as i have a few questions i would like to ask in regards to the "whole" public hospital experience, the reason i am asking is that i had my first son Nicholas James @ Westmead Private, but i have had to resign from my workplace as we are now back onto (1) wage and simply cannot afford the Private sector anymore, hence the reason for going Public.
My other concerns are that i have a history of having "early" births and i am simple a little nervous about thinking that WHO IS GOING TO DELIVER MY BABY!!!!!

I would appreciate any emails to me on

Am just a little unsettled about going public after being "pampered" in the private hospital.

Thanks & Regards