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period pain :( Rss

ok lately i have been having sort of like dull period pain on and off.
this morning however, it was really painful and wouldnt go away or get any better. it felt like when you have to go to the toilet but i went to the toilet and it didnt help at all.

so i have been walking around all day and now it feels better.

just wondering if anyone has any idea what it is? is it normal or could it be the baby engaging or something?

am totally lost lol

i had period like pain for about 3 weeks before my little girl arrived.
my midwife told me it is your body preparing for the labour.
and everyone kept telling me it meant labour wasnt far away...but yea i was i getting them 3 weeks before anything actually happened lol.

good luck:)
hey bells,

Congratulations, I dont want to scare you or anything, but my first labour was mostly a period like pain that was just with contractions in between, but the most pain I had was pretty much exactly like period pain just a little more painfull, I found that having a bath eased the pains very much so and as I had decided to have a water birth it all worked out very well for me, If you get worried about the pain to much just go to a GP or ring your hospital and ask if its ok just to get checked out they might be able to tell you someting or give you something to ease the pains so you can rest up enough before the birth.

Hope everything runs smoothly for you.
Belly rubs

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sounds like braxton hicks.You might be lucky and go early i had 4 of mine 8 days over due and the last one was 14 days over i hope this time just once i can go on time.

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