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Info on being induced... Rss

Hi All,

I'm booked in to be induced on Sunday (yay!) and was wondering whether anybody could tell me how similiar / different to a normal labour it is likely to be?

Does it generally take longer, considering the membranes are being artifically ruptured?
Also, does anybody have any info re: syntocinin? Does it work well, and if so, how quickly?

I'm just wondering whether I'm in for the long haul (i.e. 24hrs) or whether I could get away with a 12hr labour??

4 more sleeps to go...


Grr don't you hate it when you push the wrong button..I had just written half of my reply and I pushed escape and lost it all!!!

So here goes again
I think everyones experience of induction is different ie some are hard and fast and others take days and need multiples of gel and a drip etc.

I was 10 days over with my first and had no signs of labour at all so they thought I would need the gel, drip and waters broken.

Anyway I had the gel about 9pm and by 10pm was getting period like pains. They sent hubby home and I was given something to help me sleep and was in the postnatal ward.
I think by 11pm I was in a fair bit of pain but the midwife just said it was the gel (as it can make u think you are in labour but yeh its just the gel not actually you contracting). Prob around midnight I had an internal cos I kept whinging to them and she said I was softening but that was it.
I had a shower and was in so much pain it wasn't funny and was also so worried that I wasn't in labour. Trust me when the pain is that bad and you think its nothing it really makes you worry about what the actual labour will be like!
Anyway finally maube around 4am ish the delivery midwife come and said I could go have a bath in the delivery suite (she still thought it was nothing but the gel) and that she w
ould call my hubby but tell him not to hurry GRRR.
Why she was out of the room and I was in the bath I had the urge to push which worried me as well. When she got back I told her that and she was like well don't push you arn't ready! (She thought I was lying).
Anyway hubby came as I was getting out of the bath and an internal revealed that I was fully dilated and ready to push much to her surprise and to my relief!
She still broke my waters and after 2 hrs of pushing my bubs was born!

Even though it was pretty fast and full on straight away and I had no pain relief I think I would rather it more than a long prolonged labour and within a week I was saying I could do it all again.

All I can suggest is that you ask to keep your partner there as it really sucked being in that much pain by yourself and they are also good at speaking up for you.

So thats my long story (sorry) not to say yours will be anything like it but good luck and I hope it all goes well!

You shouldnt be in for the long haul hopefully. Most inductions are hard and fast labours.

Cyntocin usually gets contractions happening quickly.

My induced labours were 3 hrs 20 mins (and first baby) and 1 hr and 4 mins. Yours might not be that quick but hopefully it wont be too long.

Good luck grin

Kristi 5 kids.

I'm due on Monday the 6/11/06. I may be induced a week later if bub still hasn't come along. I have been shown this rope type of thing which would be inserted and left there to bring on the labour. I initially thought it was prostoglandin but the last visit I had the doc said it was something different and I can't recall. Does anyone know what it is or have had that method of induction?


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