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Placental Abruption Lock Rss

I have asked this question on here a while ago and had no replies so I am gathering that having a placental abruption is quite rare. Has anyone had one? I was 38 weeks pregnant with my son when I was in the shower, I heard a popping noise and felt fluid rushing down my legs. I looked down to see bright red blood. My husband called the hospital and we were there within half an hour. When we arrived at the hospital I was very relieved to hear babies heartbeat. Upon examining me the doctors decided there was no time for an epidural, they needed me in surgery straight away. I had a general and Thank God my son was ok. I remember waking up and seeing my husband and finding out the baby was ok. A few hours later the doctors told me they could stop me bleeding and had to take me back to surgery where they may have to perform a hysterectomy. I went back into surgery and luckily the bleeding stopped. I had 2 drainage holes and bags in my belly to drain the excess blood. I had 4 blood transfusions and 2 of plasma. My son and I remained in hospital for nearly a week. I am now 22 weeks pregnant and very very scared. They are keeping a really close eye on me at the hospital because I am "high risk" and they have said this time they can work on preventing it from happening again but of course there are no guarantees. I would love to try a natural birth, especially as I will have a 19month old toddler at home, but in the end, we are doing what is best for the baby and I will be having a caesar at around 38 - 39 weeks. I am really scared and I dont want to go over 38 weeks even though I know thats just paranoid on my part. I would really love to hear from somebody else who has experienced this. The only case I have heard of was Sophie Rys Jones ( married to Prince Edward)
My bosses sister in law had this happen to her. She was almost at her due date and the same thing, blood gushing everywhere, she got to the hospital quickly but was made to sit in emergency for 40 minutes. Unfortunately her baby died due to loss of blood because of the delay. She has a court case going through at the moment because of it. She said she regrets not calling an ambulance and not insisting that the blood was bright red and a lot of it, as they said they assumed she had a little blood associated with normal birth. She warned me to show them a pad or my undies or something so they know straight away and also to call an ambulance so you can be rushed straight in...

Sorry if that worries you but forwarned is forearmed hey... I'm 21 weeks pregnant now and it worries me too...

Good luck...

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hi lisa my name is peta i have 5 kids and 1 more due in feb. I had this also happen to me with my 4th baby [maggie is her name 3 years old with red hair] i got up out of bed to what i was thinking was my waters , and as u said there was a pop and then the bright red blood. my son [josh] who was sleeping with me jumped up out of bed and got me a blanket to put over the blood and then rang 000 mind u all this from a 6 year old cool hay. i did not have to have surgery like you thank god, i had a natural birth but i was very scared. but when my little tub bub[charlotte] came along all was well, so don't be to scared that it will happen again cos it did not with me and i really don't think it will happen to u again, after all someone was looking over you that day you didn't have to have that hysterctomy. so till then that it easy ,my placental abruption happened cos i was working to hard. Hope all go's well here from u soon .peta. P.S if u need to talk again i'm here.

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