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hi i am a first time mum and i am due 13th september just wondering if anyone has any experiences with hypnobirthing

tam vic due 13th september

Hi timtam,

I haven't had any experiences with hypnobirthing, as i too am a first time mum (due in about 6wks), but my father-in-law does hypnosis and is really keen for me to give it a go in Labour. He wants to teach my husband the basics so that he can do it to me.

At this stage i'm saying 'no way', i guess i'm hesitant because if i say 'yes' then i might end up relying on it and i know that unless your willing to be hypnotised, it's very difficult to fall under hypnosis. And in the middle of labour i don't think i'd be very willing or be able to concentrate enough to do it.

This probably wouldn't have helped you at all, if you find out any info i'd be interested to know.

Hi Aimee thank you for youre reply the only thing i could find on hypnobirthing was in this months practical pregnancy magazine, it has one lady's account of it and it does sound very interesting, it talks more about preparing your'e mind for the big event, and just zoning out not necesarily being hypnotised as such,but if i decidee to go ahead with it watch this space around september.

tam vic due 13th september


Sorry i cant help you as i never did it but i do know that hes name is Peter Jackson and is based in Bowral NSW as i got a pamphlet from the hospital there and the way that i read it he was the only one qualified in Australia to do it but i could be wrong, i could try to find out more, you could maybe call the Bowral hospital and get them to send you a copy as i gave mine to a friend who ended up doing it and yes you are right from what she told me it is controled breathing etc and i think the cost was around $500. Im not sure as to how it worked for her but i do know she ended up having pain relief anyway.
Anyway let me know and i will see what i can do or call the hospital there.

Sherrie and Baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
I have been using self-hypnosis as a way of preparing mentally for labour and the baby and have found it extremely relaxing and within a short time period I began to feel very calm and prepared for the birth. I just use a book and tape. I am due in two weeks and not sure how much I will use it for the actual birth but so far it's been great.
There is a couple in my prenatal class who are going to hypnobirthing classes. We spoke about it in our class and it sounds like it's about controlling your mind to cope with pain and your perception of pain rather than actual hypnosis. They were saying that you use nice terms like 'waves & 'pulses' instead of contractions and something else instead of labour i can't remember the term they used. I think the whole idea is to focus on breathing and relaxing. Not 100% sure about it all though caus we only briefly talked about it and the couple had only just started the hypnobirhting. But it sounded pretty interesting.
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