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How to help a baby engage... Rss

Hi lovely ladies,

Well i went and saw my ob today and was expecting him to induce me tomorrow (this was the plan). I have since left feeling very disapointed as he has said that baby is not fully engaged (3/5) and thus there is nothing he can do.

Does anyone know if there is any way of helping bub get down into the right position?

Im 38+1 today.

Thanks smile

Sara, NSW, Madison Paige 1/11/06

hey i have the same probs with my baby engaging (But im not getting induced) im 37weeks 4days an my bubs is only 2/5th engaged an has been 4 the last 6weeks an should be fully engaged by now!! so my midwife told me to always sit forward with my legs wide open, go on all fours and never cross ur legs in anyway always try to keep them as open as possible so u encourage bubs to move down!!!...
an lay on ur side an not ur back an make sure ur not slouching!! hope this helped a bit!! i am trying all these things an find out on friday if any of it worked which im hoping so!!!

yay my baby boi is walking aww so gergeous, such a


i dont know if this actually helps to engage the baby but i was advised to swim to help get my daughter into a better position. sperm is good to soften everything up and help it get ready. i also went for a few long walks also to try and bring labour on as i was overdue.

good luck and best wishes

Walking, walking & more walking uphills preferably.

Also doing deep squats with your legs apart. All these things help to open up the pelvis.

The down side is, if baby isn't ready to be born yet he/she won't decend. Baby probably needs those last 2 weeks for lung development.

You must feel so frustrated and really wanting to hold your one tells you those last few weeks feel like years, do they? I know, all of my babies were 2 weeks overdue & I was feeling like it was never going to happen.

Good Luck Sara.

Let us know how you go.

The Doula-nator and mum of 3 girlies

Hi Sarag,
i used to read these negative posts and think, why do people post those, but here i go. I had high blood pressure all through preg but was it wasn't until 39.6 weeks that they induced me as bub wasn't engaged. I pushed and pushed for her to be induced in the 3 weeks before but they wouldn't, much to my dismay, when i was induced, i had a "foleys" to open the cervix, and the oxytocin drip and they popped my waters( which took 35 mins as she was not dropped down enough).
I would have done ANYTHING for them to induce me in the weeks before she was born, but when they did finally induce me, apparently bub wasn't in a hurry and it was way more complicated and long than it should have been.
As hard as it is waiting to hold bub in your arms, hold on til bub is ready to come, that way (hopefully) birth will be easier.
Hey there,

I'm due on the 6th of Nov this Monday and my baby's head hasn't engaged at all, my ob hasn't done the measurements at all but he seems to feel her head floating around. I have posted a little thing as well and I think the general concensus is Don't Panic!! I'm sure that bub will engage when it's ready. I have heard walking is really good, I'm pretty busy around the house, up and about but it's not working fo me even though the doctor has measured me 2cm lower at my last visit. I just want my baby out!!!! I'll be induced 1 week after her due date if labour hasn't started by itself. My doctor will still do an induction even though she hasn't engaged.

All the very best of luck, let us know what happened smile


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