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Stillborn births Lock Rss

Does anyone have any advice regarding stillborn births or know of any support groups etc. My SIL had a girl last night and was told the day before that her baby had died inside her. Its so so sad, I can't even begin to describe the feeling at the moment. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
hey saf,
im so sorry for what has happened.. i have a site runnign for parents who have lost or had a premmie. the address is

[email protected]
we would love to have u guys there...

or if she wants a chat she can email me at [email protected]
please be there for her. she'll need her family and as mnay friends at this time...

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

Saf, I am so sorry to hear the lost of a little baby before it even entered the world.
My mother had a stillborn 1year 1 month before I was born. That was nearly 28 years ago now and to this day she finds it very hard to talk about the baby boy that she lost.
Although now we have alot more support groups and it alot easier for the parents of a stillborn espically the mother to talk things through. I think the best thing is to really encourage that there was a little person, and even though she graced a world for such a short time, she was their little girl and always will be in their hearts and their minds.
I hope SIL can hopefully come to terms with this unfortunate event and move on, but always remember that her little precious girl for the rest of her life.

keryn,nsw, mum of two

hey keryn
ur so right about talking about the baby does help, well i dont really know from experince but talking about any thing usally helps. going back 28 years ago there wouldnt have been much support, and thinking back on it i dont think the society back then talked much about this sort of things...

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

Thank you for all your replies. Much appreciated.
There is another chat group type thing called They have a forum on still births and m/c's. Very sorry to hear about your SIL.
I'm assistant manager of a great support group for still births, miscarriages and neonatal deaths, I lost my second daughter from neonatal death on 8th July 2002, e-mail address is [email protected] please e-mail your address and I'll send a personal invitation, the ladies in the group have all lost babies at different stages and different ways but are a group support network and has really helped me get through the realit's even great for you aswell to understand her pain and ways of helping her get through it, the only thing now is to be there and listen, a shoulder to cry on, send her my love I'm thionking of he and your family, hoping it gets better soon,
take care,

BelindaQld, 4 children (1 in heaven)

hey saf,
how is sil coping?
im so sorry this has happened and i hope she is recoevering please email if u wnat the link,

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

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