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39 weeks & babys head not engaged Lock Rss


I'm pregnant with my first baby and everything is progressing very well. Our baby girl is healthy and so am I but at this very late stage her head is still just floating around my pelvis. She is in the right posistion ready to go, but I'm starting to get concerned that my pelvis won't accomodate her for a vaginal delivery. I'm due on the 6th of Nov and am going crazy playing the waiting game. I have started to get period like pain and stronger braxton hicks contractions mainly occuring at night. I haven't had a show or lost my mucus plug. My doctor is recommending an induction if she is 1 week past her due date. Is it possible that the onset of labour will get my baby's head to my pelvis? I hate the thought of a ceaser.


i have 5 kids and none of them have engaged!!! the last birth was 4 weeks ago, and while at hospital in labour i was told she was still floating freely!!! well 1/2 hour after that my waters broke then another 1/2 hour she was out!!!!!! so i take no notice (any more) when i am told that bubs head is not engaged and still to high.
i have never gone over with my babies either, 2 born at 38 weeks 2 at 39 and 1 at 40 weeks.... i only ever lost a show for 2 of my kids, but my labours always start with contractions..
Hi there my name is sarah and i hadmy first child a daughter 1/10/05 my baby did not engage until while i was in labour my labour was 28 hours and she did not engage until she wanted to so dont worry i am sure she will get into her position when she is ready during my labour she bobbed around the whole time even up until 5 hours before her birth hope everything goes well i was lucky enough to have my daughter three weeks early so hopefully she is not too far away

dd 16 months, twin boys due aug

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