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Due Today!!! Rss

Hey lovely ladies!

I'm totaly addicted to this, I've only just discovered it and have been on the computer everyday since I joined which was only a couple of days ago:)

Well I'm due today!!!!!! I've been half expecting my little one to be in my arms already as so many people have said I would go early even though this is my first, but she's quite content in my belly! I'm excited! I remember being at a pregnancy yoga class and a lady in that class was due that day, I remember thinking I would'nt leave the house at all but I definately have some shopping planned later today it's torture not being busy... I've cleaned the house over and over!!! Anyone else due soon and just so keen and ready to do it!!!!!!


Congrats to you smile
Hope you have got everything ready I feel like a life time away from having my baby lol
Have you picked any names yet
Good Luck

1st due 5 feb

Hey Rita.
If you want to chat to others due around the same time as you, we have a thread called DUE NOVEMBER 2006 where a bunch of us who are due in november all chat.
Although right now we are all so impatient, waiting for our babies that we tend to chat a lot about our symptoms LOL.
Anyway, feel free to join us.

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

Good Luck Rita:
The birth is just one day so look at the end result and little girl and that will get you thro the labour.
I love the name its great
A friend of mine is due any day now and as Im hosting a Melbourne Cup lunch 2 morrow I hope she doesn't go into labour, as Im required to be by her side.
its such an exciting time. Enjoy !
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