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For all those having c sections - please read Lock Rss

Ive posted my c/s birth plan as Ive had lots of requests for it on various sites I visit. It was part of my vbac birth plan so I had already had one c/s and knew exactly what I did and didnt want to happen. Any questions feel free to fire away wink

In the event of a Planned Caesarean Section:

•I would like to still go into spontaneous labour or 14 days post EDD which ever happens first, with extra monitoring after 7 days post EDD.

•I would like the screen to be lowered as the baby is delivered.

•I wish for the cord to stop pulsating completely before it is clamped.

•I wish to view the placenta.

•I would like the baby placed directly, via the peadiatrician (for sterility purposes, onto me and checks done there unless otherwise medically indicated.

•If I am unable to do this I wish for my husband to hold the baby at this time.

•I will provide blankets/wraps for the baby and would like only these to be used.

•I would like the baby to stay with me whilst I am being stitched up etc. and to initiate breast feeding at this time. If staffing levels permit I would also like my husband and baby to be with me in recovery.

•I DO NOT want any procedure ie weighing, bathing etc to be done until I am present after recovery.

In the event of an Emergency Caesarean Section:
•I would still like the above points adhered to.

and always remember it is your bady, your baby so YOU have the final say on what happens unless there is a medical emergency.

P.S. My OB added a few of the points that I was afraid to push. Ahhh I LOVE my Ob smile

Mumma to DD1 Jan 04 and DD2 Mar 06

and just yo clear up a few issues. The only reason babies are taken out of theatre before you (unless an emergency) is that a midwife must stay with them at all times and they like the midwives back on the ward. Same with in recovery. So it all a staffing issue, nothing else. This was told to me by the head midwife at my hospital AND my Ob, plus I work within the hospital system. Also weight etc does not have to be done straight away. The only reason babies are weighed within the first hours of birth is to have a refference to make sure they are feeding/gaining weight later on. SO whether it is 5 minutes or 5 hours after birth it really doesnt matter!

(oh and that should read your body, your baby wink )

Mumma to DD1 Jan 04 and DD2 Mar 06

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