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  5. Does anyone watch 'Maternity Ward' on Discovery channel?

Does anyone watch 'Maternity Ward' on Discovery channel? Lock Rss


Just wondering, I just came out of the dark ages and got fox (my parents have had it for years even and I've never had it!)

Well I've been watching 'Maternity Ward' on it and it appears nearly all the women on there have an epidural? Well at least they are laughing and joking and then the doctor tells them they need to push (I was screaming at mine, I didn't need to be told!)

And the other thing is, all the babies seem to have shiny eyes/eyelids etc like there has been some sort of gel smeared across them. Anyone know what that is?

Just curious...

Elle, DS: Kai 20/11/04 & DS: Jamie 13/02/07


I think the gel is like an anti bacterial. I remember them saying it but preggie brain is leaving me a little blank.

I used to have fox and that show always made me cry lol i loved it.


Trae 6yrs Caitlyn 3yrs baby boy due 30/12/06

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