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Did you have 'the show' BEFORE you went into labour? Rss

Just wondering how many women actually went into labour/ started getting contractions before actually passing the mucus plug or having the show?

I've heard that you can get the show as early as two weeks before labour actually starts, but is it common to not have the show until labour has actually started?

Would love to hear your personal experiences...

Katie, VIC, Aaliyah Kaylee born 28/11/06 & Mikayla

Hi Katie,
with my first I woke up in labour that morning at about 7 that night I passed the mucus plug. Now I myslef am a bit confused between the show and the mucus plug. I had the plug witch i found was like jelly and quite large (you can't miss it). I did not have any blood.

With my second I knew I was in labour by the contractions. I might have passed the plug but It must have been when I was in the hospital already in very heavy labour because I didn't notice.

Hope this is of some help ReneeXXX

Trae 6yrs Caitlyn 3yrs baby boy due 30/12/06


With bub #1 I had a show around 24 hours before I went into labour.

With bub #2 I had no signs of a show in the lead up just went straight into contractions and then my water broke.

I have heard that you can have a show up to 2 weeks prior to labour as well so it is not the most reliable way of knowing when labour will start.
Hi Katie,

With my daughter, I had a show at about 7:00pm and then felt my first contraction around 10:00pm. She was born the following day at 4:00pm.

Best of luck - hope something happens for you soon! I know how you feel, as my daughter was eight days overdue!!

Leah, DD 24/05/05 DS 09/01/07 #3 due 26/06/10


I lost my mucus plug about 4 weeks before i had my dd.

Tiddles, Vic, 3/1/2006 dd

I had the show at about 6pm on the saturday night, then waters broke at about 11:30pm, went to hospital and started getting contractions at about midnight and had baby at 7:18pm the sunday night.
Very funny it was right on Rugby League Grand Final kick off DP was no not happy LOL.
No he loved it!

24mth old boy Kyle & 4mth old girl Abbey

i had my show at 5 am 30/09/05 i had been up and down all night with a really sore lower back. after my show i started to get contractions around 11 and my labour continued from then until she was born at five to three the next day! so obviously mine was very long but i did start labour after i had my show.
hope it helps

dd 16 months, twin boys due aug

I had the show before i went into labour! ABout 7 pm went to the toilet and had this bloody liquid come out... Didnt stress to much as everyone said could take 48hrs to start contractions and labour... Went to bed with fiance at 10pm... felt funny but had been having back pain for alot of my pregnancy. Woke at 11.15 - waters broke in the bed (fiance not impressed haha) went straight to hospital with severe contractions & my beautiful baby girl was born at 1.15am.
Mid wife said to be careful with my next bub as it could come even faster... (hope not it was just enough time to get there, get on a bed and push!!)


Had a show Wed evening... mild contractions started that night... (being my first time and keen to get this baby out) I called my midwife and we went to the hospital at 2am Thur morning... only to be told I was only 2cm... she gave me pethadine to sleep... then went home 9am next morning... then contractions started up again that night and by Fri morning, I was in more pain...

Went into hospital at 1pm for 40 week check as it was my EDD and scan. Begged midwife to check me and I was 6cm dilated - enough to stay... got the last bed and could hear women giving birth up and down the hallway... scary... by 4pm, she broke my waters, but contractions had slowed so got syntocinon by drip and had bubs at 7.45pm that evening!

I hope I don't go overdue with this one... having him/her on EDD would be good again! smile I am terribly impatient!!!

Bye for now.

Hey Katie,

With my both my daughter I had a 'show' 23-24hrs before they were born. The contractions were extremely mild until the last 5 hours of labour with both of them.

Good Luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

Sarah, QLD- 3 ADorAbLe Daughters!!

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