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I must be losing the plot because i cant remember when i should pack a hospital bag i'm almost 31 weeks and i haven't even bought any thing to take with me to hospital, i'm having trouble trying to think of what to pack and when to do it...



There is no right or wrong time to pack a hospital bag. Most people recommend doing it by around 35-36 weeks- just in case bub comes early. It also means there is plenty of time to unpack and repack it a million times before you'll be using it.

I am packing mine for the third time and still can't decide on what to put in it...I think I might write a list to help me. It doesn't really matter if you forget something...that's what hubby's are for..sending on errands to pick up breast pads, maternity pads and nipple cream!!!

Happy hospital bag packing!
hi mumbron

With my first i didn't pack a hospiyel bag at all because he came 5 weeks early he was born on a a sunday but on the monday i was going to do it hehe with my second i packed my bag around 30 weeks just in case i wasn't going into hospital again with absolutly nothing again yeah so i packed it around 30 weeks but then my little princess only came 2 weeks early but i was ready this time it is up 2 you i know some people that pack thier bags as soon as they find out that they are pregnant hehe

all i packed was 3 pairs of pj's, maternity pads, breast oads, puzzle books, a toiletrie's bag, a few little things for bubba, loads of undies i took 10 pairs hehe, a book if you read, a pen for filling out forms and anything else u want to take but thats about it i think

enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and good luck xoxoxo

Carolanne,Cameron & Emily born 8th sept

My bub is only 4 months old and ive already forgotten!! Ummm i think I fully packed around 34-35 weeks but i dont think its ever too early cos you just never know!
I guess the main things are maternity pads, breast pads, lots of old undies! pjs/nightie, comfortable day clothes, slippers/socks, toiletries etc. Im cant remember anything else at the moment!! I do remember i packed soo much stuff and hardly used anything except for the stuff i already listed!
sorry wasnt much help - good luck!
For my first I never got around to packing my bag and had my baby at 31 weeks. Poor hubby had to run around and pack it for me while I was in hospital. Second time around I packed at 28 weeks for the just in case and then packed, unpacked and packed again until I went in. Just didn't wanna get caught off guard again...
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