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Bring on labour Lock Rss

hey all.. i have 3 weeks to go.. and im so over it (like every one at this stage) im not due til the 27th but my ob is going away on the 15th so ill have to hve the other ob in town (only 2 here) or go to the next town (hour away) so i really want him to come in the next week.. so i have my doc and have him here...
so just want every possible way to bring on labour any one can think of.. im willing to try everything...

Shelley, NSW, Breanna 19/11/04, Lachlan 5/01/07

Hi Shelley...
Sex and nipple stimulation! If you don't have a breast pump, massage one nipple at a time for 15 minutes, then swap to the other side for 15, and so on for up to an hour. Do it 3 times a day. I found combining sex and nipple stimulation works a treat...have sex first, then afterwards do the nipple stimulation. This has been bringing on some pretty strong contractions for me (they end up dying out after a while) but you might have some more luck!
Best of luck!!

Hi Shelley,

I was over my pregnancy by about 35 weeks, so I did everything... sex, nipple stimulation, long walks every night (as uncomfortable as it was), drinking raspberry leaf tea, and massaging clary sage oil onto my belly every night. I had my first baby 8 days early, and labour was only 3 1/2hrs from start to finish, with no pain relief.

I think the long walks and clary sage oil really helped to bring him on, and I'm positive that the raspberry leaf tea made my contractions more efficient, resulting in a faster labour.

My beautiful baby boy is now thriving at 2 mths of age.

Good luck with your second... I hope your bubb comes soon for you.
After 38 weeks you can inhale clary sage oil through a diffuser (or whatever they are called). These are supposed to bring on contractions.

Also, after 40 weeks, you can massage it into your skin. Speak to a professional about this first because you have to be very careful with oils while you are pregnant.

Daughter 4 and son is almost 2

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