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clary sage oil... Lock Rss

i wasjust looking up clary sage oil and come across this if any one is interested...

Shelley, NSW, Breanna 19/11/04, Lachlan 5/01/07

I just looked up the web site for future reference it was good also printed off the bit about the Clary sage oil.



I hadn't thought to look some info on clary sage i was gonna take everyones word for it but that's a great link , how very useful the clary sage oil really is .


I used Clary Sage (in a Jojoba based blend with Jasmine, Lavender and Majoram) for my first two deliveries and plan on using it with my third. I found it great and even my OB was impressed with the speed that my uterus contracted (returned to normal) after the birth, I used it from 39 weeks, during, to a week or two after the delivery.

When my first labour started I also used a blend of these oils 'neat' in the bath (several) but didn't have time with the 2nd as he came so quick.

Did not need drugs with both labours and am hoping the same will be true this time around as well.

(28 weeks)
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