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last few weeks?? Lock Rss

Hey, i was wondering what the last few weeks were like for people?
Im 38 weeks now wohoo hopefully only 2 more to go but for the past 2 weeks ive been getting bad pains like bubs pushing on my cervix my midwife just keeps telling me not to worry till they become regular but i reckon if i cant move or end up crying cause it hurts to much that she should do something but nope. Has anyone else had this pain?. I cant wait till my bub comes!! grin


Jess -

YES YES YES!!!!!!!

I am due on Friday and up until 3 days ago i had this incredible pain in my pelvis and it shot down the tops of my thighs. It was getting on unbearable and sometimes I couldnt even get rid of the pain when I was lying down!! I've had this for about 5 weeks and it's meant that I really havent been able to do much for the last 5 weeks...HENCE I AM BORED AND WANT MY BABY!!!!!!!!

M/wife said it was the angle of baby in my pelvis and it was pressing on a big nerve there. She also said there wasnt much I could do about it but wait for baby to arrive. Not the most helpful of info when I have a 3 year old to run around after aswell!!

But strangely enuf, I havent had the pain for a few days now. Baby engaged itself 2 weeks ago (if this is your 1st preg, yours may have engaged much earlier?!). I was a bit nervous thinking this would increase the pressure, hence the pain, but it didnt. It has dropped further down now so I am wondering if this has changed its position and y im not so sore anymore?! Sorry I couldnt be of more help....just wanted to share that I am experiencing what sounds like similar to your situation!!

Oh, BTW, regardless of whther the pain has gone for me now, I AM OVER IT!!!!! I am so ready for bubs to come...i wish there was a magic potion to drink to bring on labour thats for sure!!! Hopefully baby arrives by the due date cos I WANT IT!!!

Hope your bub comes soon for you...all the in the Due Dec thread any time you want and let us know your news!!

Love Megan
hey funky mum.. im 38 weeks as well.. and ive been getting pains for the last few days.. but seem to die down when i go to bed... i see my doc tomorrow and hoping he will induce me before friday as he is going away friday

Shelley, NSW, Breanna 19/11/04, Lachlan 5/01/07

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