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How fast was your labour? Lock Rss

Hi ladies

Just wondering who has had quick labours? From first pain to delivering your bub, and what number baby?

My labour (first bub) was just 5 hours from first 'niggle' to delivery - which I am definitely not complaining about smile


Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

hi my first was 6 and half hours.... hoping for around the same this time

Shelley, NSW, Breanna 19/11/04, Lachlan 5/01/07

36 minutes first baby

But she was born at 23.2 weeks weighing 450 grams

Mum to Brooke 23.2 weeks, 450 grams now 3.5 yrs

Mine was just under 3 1/2 hours. I woke up at 1am and realised my waters were leaking. I started feeling pains shortly after, and my baby was born at 4.28am. He was my first.
Hi my labour with my first born a daughter was 25 hours all was artificial i got to three cms and then syncto waters broken and she still did not want to come i would have loved a 5 hour labour

dd 16 months, twin boys due aug

My baby was just over 3 hours but i was induced.

Tina & Jasmine 18/07/06

Had niggles/cramping for a few days but from real pain to delivery... about 3 hours. I thought my labour was easier than my pregnancy... didn't have a bad pregnancy either but am impatient so prefer the 3 hours over the nine months LOL

Had stitches and thought they were the worse than the labour!!!

Hi there

My labour went for about 15hrs..that was for my first baby smile .
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