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The feeling.... Lock Rss

Did any one have the feeling that something was gonna happen before they went into labour....
well im 5 days over and the last hour.. ive just felt like something is gonna happen.. i just feel so nervous and fidgity and yeah just feel weird....
ive just had 3 sharp pains in the side.. didnt time them tho... but will if i get any more......

just wondering did any one else get any feeling something was going to happen and it did happen

Shelley, NSW, Breanna 19/11/04, Lachlan 5/01/07

yeah i did i was up till 11 at night cleaning because i felt if i didnt do it now it would never get done 3 hours later i was in labour and exhausted because i had no sleep try and get some rest now you could be in for a very long night
Sorry Shelley I can't answer your question as my bubs is not here yet. But WOW- I'm excited for you. I'll bet you've got everything crossed this is it now you are overdue.

Goodluck- I hope you get to meet your little one soon.

yep sure do i know the day im going to go into labour i feel a bit funny then that night off i go...Good luck hope it all goes well for you.

ds11 ds10 dd9 dd6 dd19mths ds jan26th

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