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Any mums from new zealand Lock Rss

I am a mum of a three year old and expecting #2 in December 2005 and have been enjoying the website but have not come accross any nz mummies yet? Are there any anywhere? Love to chat or here from you

Tanya, NZ

I am a mother of a 5 week old baby. It is great to see another Kiwi on here as well. Yes we are out here, but it must be that we a shy bunch LOL. Would love to chat with you too.
Hi its good to see some kiwis coming out. I to have been checking out this site and havnt seen many either which is a surprise as its a great site.And im not shy but i do come out at night. Are you gus from north or south island?

mel,nz,3 cool kids

Hi, good to see you Kiwi mums..... if your interested I am a member of a MSN group called "Parents of NZ". It's a bunch of Kiwi mums who chat and share their experiences etc..... it's really good, you should check it out. (You do need to apply for membership though.... it's a closed site for privicy)......
From the north island right up the top in the bay of islands, am expecting our second child on 29th December. We have a son who is 3 and a half at the moment. Has taken a while to get to making the second one after a horrific labour have had to take my time before working up the courage to do it again, although I wouldn't have changed a thing about him as he is wonderful. People say you forget straight away, well not me and a bit nervous at present even though its a long way to go.

Tanya, NZ

Hello everyone,

I am from Auckland but came to Oz about a month ago... will probably be heading back there in a month or so???
There are a few other NZ's on here but yeah they are pretty scarce.

Would love to chat to any of ya... if you want my email is


Hi everyone

I live in Akl and have an 8month old son and am expecting another wee bundle of joy in November (although I've been told they will only let me go to 38wks so probably more likely End October).

Just wanted to say hi to all the other Kiwis! smile


hiya,I'm from Plamerston North and am due with #2 in 5 days but have been told to expect to go an extra week.I have a 23 month old son and this nxt babe is a girl.

Bex, mum 2 Xander 10/06/2003 & Harmony 13/05/2005

Hi. I am in Tokoroa and have two girls (7 and 3) and I am due to have a boy in June (29)! Great to see more nz mums here but we still need more!

Have you had baby yet since you due NOW? Hope everything ok?

Karen,mother of 2 girls and male bump!

nope no baby yet sad midwife has said that if no babe by this friday(13th) then she will make an appt for me up in the antenatal day unit to discuss poss induction.we have still made a weekly appt tho for nxt monday.will keep u posted.

Bex, mum 2 Xander 10/06/2003 & Harmony 13/05/2005

Hey kiwi mums,

'Wow' its awesome to read all of these messages from mums from nz. Im from the Beautiful 'whakatane' (well im actually from a small place 'in' whakatane but its so small if you pass it you'll blink and miss it so lets just say whakatane) but i live in Perth, Australia. Ive been here about a year and now have a 4month old little girl named Vashanti (maori name, hine-ataahua). I Cant wait to come home for a holiday. Im missing nz, my family, the food, the people, the beach..just everything! Aussies' nice though!
Hi All. I have a wonderful 3 month old baby boy. He is our little miracle as he was conceived after 3.5 years of trying. We live in Hamilton. I am back at work full time next week, at which point hubby will be a full time stay at home dad.

Daniel, NZ, born 15/02/2005

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