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10 weeks prem!!!!! Lock Rss

hi, i was 30 weeks 10 to go,i had my 30 week check up in they had noticed that my belly had started to drop,checked my blood pressure and wat do u know it was high. they decided that blacktown hosp wasnt the place for my baby to b born so they shipped me off to westmead,i was givin a course of steroids so that the lungs would b ok, he was delivered by c section they knew at the time that jaylen my baby was a very tiny bub,didnt bloody tell me when they found him they showed me him very fast than had to take him to work on him fast.....jaylen was born on his dads bday 21/12 he wonted to meet santa,he was born at 1000grams 2.2 pound,was only on c pap for 30 min he pulled it out himself strong little boy,jaylen was in the nicu unit for 3 weeks he had jaundice,and he has 1 kidney born with to but one has multiple cysts,jaylen got an infection while in nic so was treated stright away,jaylen was on 1 mil every to hours of ebm than got sick so we had to stop his feeds again,few days later he was ready to try it again and thank god he got up to 15 mil every hour ,jaylen got to go up to special care we we had to wait for him to grow keep his temp and get on feeds,wat a long road we had to go.......

come the 13/1/04 jaylen was looking so good was full of air,and kept having bradies,the docs all come to c him and had test done for him,and they told me that he had to :fart: we all had a big laughf...the next morning i rang up to see how my little boy was and the bloody tell me that his gone for a brain scan and heart scan..ive lost it by this dad drove me to the hosp as quick as he could ,met up with jaylen at the kids hops just on his way one told me how things went the whole way back...not long after we got back we were visited by a few doctors,i knew than something wasnt rite(i lost it again) they sat us down and told us that jaylen has a rare thing happening, they went on jaylens aorta was closeing witch ment that his puls was on its way out,he was 11.56 grams at this stage.we had the choice to give him a chance to live or let him fad out byhim self,we sighned them papers to give our boy a chance at life,jaylen is the worlds 2nd tinyiest baby to have COARCTATION OF THE AORTA..he was ment to b gone for only a few hours ,they give u a pager so that if something happens throught out the opp they can get you,or for when bubs comes back...a few hours past and my baby was no where in sight...a few more hours past and boy did things get harder to cope with.finally the doc that did the opp came him with arms thinking the worst agian lost it,than the doc says no skye he made it through,no one thought he would that was the best news i have heard in years...but we still had a long road to go down the next few days where gona b hard.....

jaylen was on all sorts of thing he was on dopamine,morphine,adrenaline,and plenty more..he was on alot of antibiotics to fight off the nasty infections that where trying to hurt him.(nasty little criters)like he had nt enough to deal with...jaylen wasnt passing urine for a few days so then our hopes went down again..we all knew he had to pass urine other wise he was in trouble.. thank god jaylen must of heard wat we had said and decided he wonted to gosh ive never been so happy to c wee.....jaylen was ventelated for only 5 days his a clever boy.

after a few weeks of being their he was on his way back to the good part of town.thinks couldnt go smoothly for the rest of his time their could it..jaylen had 2 herniae witch had to b removed.that was the easyiest part of his stay at hosp i think... the time come and our dear little boy was ready to take his trip home his first car ride first breth of fresh air and sunlight, 28/2/04 the day he was ment to come into this world.10 weeks old and only 1815 grams.....

we have been blessed with a miracle babyand i thank god for him everyday...

16months old and his full of beans dosent stop..just starting to walk,he talks alot and his now 8 kilos

hey skye
firstly congratulations on the birth of ur little man,
ur road sounds so much like mine, check "premmie baby 14 weeks to early" that has the day by day story of what we went thru,
hey my msn is [email protected] or u can email me at that as well as i would love for u to join in my premmie group.

i hope ur little man is still as strong and doing well!!

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

My daughter was born 17 weeks early (23.2 wks) and weighed 450 grams. She's 2 years old now and going great with no problems. Had every problem possible though when born. She weighs 9.5 kg now.
How's your boy going?

Mum to Brooke 23.2 weeks, 450 grams now 3.5 yrs

wow just seen his post!
my little boy is coming along very well!
he just turned 4 yay
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