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Bored... Anyone due around April/May?? (And ready already?) :) Lock Rss

Hey guys. I a so bored at the moment and just thought I'd start a thread. I am due at the end of april, start of may, my dates for now are 7th of may.
I have everything ready at home pretty much and I'm only 23 weeks! I feel ready now! the first 20 wks flew but now the last 3 weeks have felt like a lifetime sad
How is everyone coping with the heat? Are all the bellys well? I'm sitting upstairs with the fan on! I've over the heat already! I just want it to be winter!!!!
Hope to hear from some mummies soon smile

Hi there,

I am due 14th April. I haven't done anything for this bub yet, which I think has been good in a way. It will help the next 14 weeks go a bit quicker.

Mind you I am in a mad panic in my head because I feel like there is too much to do and not enough time.

We are selling our house so I have home opens on saturdays, plus people wanting to look during the week. Then I have my first daugther starting school in 3 weeks, which I am trying to get her ready for.

On the baby side, I have to paint the cot, set up the nursery which I can't do til end of January, get all the baby clothes out of boxes and wash etc.

So whilst I am tired already and feeling like the end trimester is going to drag on, I am hoping that I have filled it with enough things to do to help the weeks go by quickly.

I hope that things don't drag on too slowly for you. Just remember that bubs will be here soon enough, even though it seems like forever, it is only a short time left to go. Compared to spending the rest of your life with them anyway.

Sorry for the story. Good luck.

QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

Hi there.

I have been ready since about 10 weeks lol Even half packed the hospital bags, bought a whole new wardrobe for my little blossom (a huge wardrobe), have nappies, creams, cot, bassinette, everything, but my baby! lol I am 28 weeks now and am due on the 4th of April. Not long really...yeah right!

I am due 3 May. Not even ready.

At the moment Toliet training my 2 year old and running around organising his birthday party.

This pregnancy is flying for me but I think it will slow down once my son's party is over.

I think I will wait to purchase cloths for the 2nd as we are waiting for find out what sex.

All the best. Have you tried the webiste really good to see the fetus growing stages.

4 1/2 yrs boy 28 mth girl

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