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Hi everyone. I am 40 weeks this coming friday. I am going to see doctor today to find out when he will induce me, its gonna be somwtimme before end of week. I would like to hear your experiences from inductions please. I am quite scared and not sure what to expect.
Hi Ausmum> I was induced with both of my children. My daughter was induced at 38 week's . I was assessed in the labour ward and they broke my waters and put in the drip . Things were pretty straight forward although I had to have a lot of monitoring. My son was induced at 42 week's ( my body just wont go into labour on its own ) once again they broke my water's and put the drip in. He was born 45 minutes later, no pain relief no stiches no nothing. When you are induced they have to do a lot of monitoring which means that some times you cannot move around a lot. My contractions started straight away and were strong from the start. My friends that went into labour naturally said that they had a bulid up of contractions which I didnt have. I hopes this help's you a little.Good luck and happy parenting, Danielle x

Danielle, Qld.

Personally I wouldnt recommend it unless there was a medical need. I have a rear condition which is BIH like a benign tumor in my head which affects my vision. Sounds worse than it is. i was induced at 38 weeks as I had 1+ show of protein, swollen hands and feet, and headaches. Induction began by inserting the gel. Three times not much happened. Two days later my waters were broken and then the drip inserted to begin contractions. The contractions were strong and hard and by this time it was three days later. I then went on for another day and finally got to eight centimetres and then developed a fever and was sent in for a emergency ceserian. I then developed Ogilvies Syndrome from the ceserian and was in intensive care for two days and then in hospital for a further six weeks. All my birth plans went out the window. I then since thought if I could prevent one other woman from induction by choice then it made all the trauma worth it. Hang in there it could save both your lives. Enjoy the time with the baby inside you because you will miss the kicks and begin to feel lonely even with a new baby. Best wishes. Love Kelly

Kelly, NZ, 3mnth baby

what did you have boy all a girl.

[email protected] plainland qld

I am 27 weeks, i was going to talk to my ob about getting induced if the baby doesnt come on time, my partner goes away and we want to have out little girl while he is here. Should i just wait for it all to happen naturally????
Hi all,

I was induced with my first and not an experience I would want repeated. My waters were broken and they waiting an hour to see if that alone would start my labour, but no so the drip went in. Contractions started 10 mins later and they said my first contraction was equal to about the 8th hour of a av 12 hour labour. Things started going wrong an hour and a half in, I was only 8cm dilated and kevin was crowning, I then pushed for three hours, he went into foetal distress and I had to have an epesiotomy and I got a third degree tear and had to be taken to theatre to fix me up. There was no time for an epidural. I would recommend asking for an epidural before they start the drip. I was monitored with the CTG the entire labour and birth. Have you considered asking the dr to brake your waters and see if this starts things off, or trying the gel..If the induction is for the health and safety of the baby follow the drs orders, but if its for his convienence tell him you would like to wait to see if things occure naturally. Have you considered taking evening primrose oil from 36 weeks, they say it helps ripen your cervix ready for natural labour to begin on time. I was induced as I was going into renal failure and my hubby was also about to go to east timor but you must put your health and that of your babys first and foremost, ive had 2 premmie babys and a 5 pound term baby and it is hard work, the longer they can stay inside the healthier they grow and can cope with their new world.

Karina - mum to cooper
I was induced last July, at term, becoz I was on high doses of blood pressure tablets, and my baby was not at all fairing to well.

My cervix was closed as shut as it wouldve been at 6 months as bubs hadnt engaged and applied pressure! I had two lots of gel inserted, and 9 hours after 2nd lot started to get contractions. they were hard and fast! 60-90 seconds long, and 2 mins apart if i was lucky that was all without the drip! and at times I had contractins overlaping each other was not fun at all!!! This went on for about 6 hours, before my partner and mum dragged me up to the hospital. My baby was highly stressed, my waters had partially broken, as I lost more at hospital, and I ended up with an emergency caesar. So next time around Imma try and avoid the induction at all costs!!! if ya do get induced (wish I'd done this) go straight for the DRUGS! hahha they will be your best mate for the hours of labour you endure!!

Love kel and Mckenzie xoxox

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

I was induced with the oxytocin drip. I had extrememly strong and painful contractions right on top of each other but it was all over in 1.5 hours. Quite frankly I thought I was going to die (only because the midwife told me I probably had another 5 hours or so to go without checking and he was actually crowning) however, on recollection, I think I would prefer the intense 1.5 hours rather than 30 hours of slow coming and then painful contractions. Every story is diffierent, Ive heard that oxytocin does stimulate strong contractions like I had and for others it doesn't.

How are you being induced? Drip or gel?

Good luck!
Oh hell, Ive just noticed this was from 2 years ago! Opps.
Hey sams mum!! hehe I realised too this was from yonks ago! but lets redo it! haha Ill tell you what I had then.....

I had two lots of gel, one at 9pm one night other 9am next morning. Contractions started 330-4pm later that day. Contractions right from start hard and fast 60-90 sec long, and 90 -120 secones apart!!! eeh see ya don't need the drip to make it hard and fast!!! Apparently the gel is just as bad haha I'm testimony to that!! waste of time tho, ended up with a caesar but all worked out well in end, so can't complain!!!

Love Kel and Mckenzie xoxo

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

Where in NZ are you Kakkles? I assume its ok to talk on other things as this is sooo old.
hey Im In Nelson, lived here for just over three years now, love it. Use to live in rotten old sodden New Plymouth haahahah!!!

Are you originally from New Zealand too???

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

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