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Yeah, born Auckland, grew up Whangarei and adult years in Wellington. My husband was working in Sydney when I met him so here we are.
I was induced on thursday 24/02/05.
i got one lot of gel at 4:00pm and my contractions began at 5:00pm
The midwives thought i was just in pain from the gel as they said you may experiance a kind of very painful period pain.
i didn't...just instant contractions.
I had a 25 hour labour and then a cesasrian anyway casue he got stuck.
I had gas, pethadine, epidural, cathada, drip, another drip to help bring on contractions again after they slowed from the epidural...than 3 spinals in the operating theatre.
Good luck I hope it went well for you

mum to bayden 25/02/05

Bandaid, omg your birth experience is exactly the same as mine.....
I was induced on 21-02-05
I got one lot of gel at 7.30am (nothing happened)
I got a second lot of gel at 2.45pm (Prosti pain but that was it)
I got the third lot of gel at 2.00pm on the 22nd and they broke my waters (prosti pain got a bit worse)
45mins later they put in the drip to speed up the contractions (pain yes, but it wasn't doing anything)
so then I had the gas, a shower with the gas, epidural (which didn't work, it took over an hour to put in) then I had 4 top ups on th epidural 13 hours of pain later I was still only 4cms so off to theatre 4 spinals later on the 22nd my son was born.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

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