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Waters breaking! how can you be sure? Lock Rss

Sorry this is an overshare, but..
I'm just over 38wks.
After going to the loo (ok i did a wee) i had just finished and about 2 seconds later i felt pressure down low and then a gush. Was that my waters breaking or just more wee??
I've spoken to both my doc & hospital and have beeen told to wait and keep an eye on things. I just feel stupid for not knowing. How do you know?
When I was 40 weeks, I thought my waters had broken, but it was actully my 'show' coming.

My Dr. told me that you will know when your water is broken as you will feel a 'gush' it will be everywhere. I've also been told that it can tear (not necessarily break) and you will have gradual leaks.

If your water does break, the dr's will usually only let you go 2 days before you have to deliver. It's in case of infection.

Laneisa, QLD, 5 kids + baby Flynn 24/02/05

can anyone explain what a "show" actually is????
Hi there,

I think that if you feel something that is not normal your waters have more than likely broken. I woke in the night with what felt like a gush, went to the toilet and had wet knickers - went to the hospital and they were not sure if they had broken or not - I was sure because as I told them "I would know if I wet myself" it just didnt feel like doing a wee as it was effortless. It turned out just my hind waters had broken and not my forewaters (I did not even know there were two bags of water) - you probably know by now anyway - so goodluck or congratulations either way.
Take care
Abbis mum
with my first i got up to go to the toilet and thought i was peeing my self i cleened up and got back into bed about 10 mins later GUSH all over the bed. there was no doubt in my mind. but mysister lost little bits at a time no big gush so i guess its differant. but with my son my waters didnt break till i was pushing and i was in a spa, my friend said how did you know they had broken? i felt a small pop inside. i knew.


Thanks for the replies.

It turns out my hind waters have broken, I knew i felt something different. I just had to wait a bit to see if i was leaking but i went to the hospital anyway and a swab confirmed it but i'm not leaking now so it seems to have 're-sealed'.
I'm on anti-biotics to prevent any possible infection but my only drama now is that i'm 2 cm dilated and bubs head is not engaged. So with 10 days to go i'm just freaking out because all i can now is wait a couple of days till my u/s to see why bubs head is not engaged (possibility that the head may be too big)
Oh well! all that really matters is that bubs is just fine. All the monitoring over the last couple of days has showed that bubs is not worried in the slightest...unlike me.
One of you talked about a popping feeling... I am due tommorrow and have had a popping feeling for the last two weeks... do you think it is just my body getting ready for my waters to break?

Bouncing baby boy 17/05/05

Hi Jodi

'Show' is when you loose the plug of mucous that fills the cervix to protect against infection. This may start leaking out as the cervix slowly starts opening before labour, or may come out in one big lump. It can be pink or tinged with blood. This usually indicates that the cervix is opening. It may signal labour - but might not too!

Hope that explains well enough!


a show is like mucousy stuff with blood in it, its quite oviouse that its happening. but it doesnt always happen with all women but you know it when you see it.

I had my waters broke in hospital as i was induced so Im not sure about every day normality...
but i do know if it breaks as a gush...U WILL KNOW!
I had so much fluid she had to get a whole pile of towels so nobody would slip on the floor hehe.
Or if u get a slight leak it will just keep leaking.
i broke my outer water 2 weeks before birth and although i detected as nothing i was still leaking alot more than "bladder" every day. It was gross but they didnt know

mum to bayden 25/02/05

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