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Hi All, I gave Birth to a Beautiful 8lb 3oz Baby Girl on the 2nd November. The most Wonderful thing about it was, I had her at "HOME"(In the Lounge)
I had my doubts at first because of the Labour thing but it didn't even cross my mind at the Time. To all of you who wish to have a "HOMEBIRTH" but are a little sceptical, I highly recommend it. You feel so much more comfortable and you have access to anything you want when you want it. I had my MP3's Playing right through the Labour Process and if I were to be Pregnant again, I would do it again. Feel free to ask Questions, I would be more than Happy to help.
I always thought to have a home birth. When I had my son I was so glad I didn't.

My pregnancy was the best and my labour only 6 hours (shorter with my daughter). My son came out not breathing and needed oxygen.

Not in my wildest dreams would I have thought anything would happen after such an easy time, until that happened.

Go with caution and be prepared, don't make a spare of the moment decision to do a home birth. Plan and be prepared and most of all... well informed of everything, anything (if anything) may happen- be ready for hospital and plan the time and course to get there...just in case.

Susan, QLD, mo2 = B3y4m & G18m

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