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Anyone had more than 1 tear? Lock Rss

Hi girls

just wondering if anyone has had more than one birth resulting in a tear?

Did it take longer to heal?

Was the 2nd tear worse?


Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

Hi Joski

With my 1st daughter I had a third degree tear and also had to have an episiotomy(sp?).

With my 2nd daughter I also tore but it didnt seem as bad as the first. Was still painful but just had lots of salt water baths and sat on cushions alot.

I dont think it took longer to heal.

Have u had this happen to you?


Bianca, Emily 7/11/03 Jess 24/3/05 Thomas 12/6/07

Hey Joski,

With my first daughter I had a 3rd degree tear, that took quite a while to heal (about 6 weeeks)

With my 2nd daughter I also had a 3rd degree tear but, it healed alot faster with that one. It was tender fot the 1st couple of weeks but, my husband a I resumed sex after 3and half weeks of giving birth. I think the 2nd tear you have heals faster (thats with my experience anyways.)

Hope this helps a bit.

Sarah, QLD- 3 ADorAbLe Daughters!!

Hi there.

With my first I had an episiotomy with the epidural. Second time round I had a second degree tear, natural birth and found it was so much easier and less pain than the episiotomy. I found with my tear, they did a great stitch job on it and TMI I felt alot better down there (tighter) than with the first. If I tear again am going to request an extra stitch for good measure this time. But to answer your post, I didn't have much of a problem at all with the second.
i tore with my first... took about a week
my 2nd i also tore alot worse tho, as he was 9 pound 10 and my first was only 7 pound 11...
the 2nd hurt for about 1 1/2 weeks real bad..but even now (7 weeks later) it still hurts alot......
with my first who is 2.3yrs it was tender before i had second

Shelley, NSW, Breanna 19/11/04, Lachlan 5/01/07


With DD1 I had a second degree tear and did not have any pain. It did ache a bit but that was it. With DD2 18 months later I tore again worse than the first time and I did think it was more painful when it was healing but still nothing too bad. I didnt even need a panadol with either. It healed quicker the second time I think.

Hope everything goes well for you. I think that the more you worry about these things the worse it can be. If you try not to think about it you may forget about it for a while.

Beky NSW, Imogen 14/11/04, Amity 29/6/06

hi girls,

i had a 3rd degree tear and episiotomy with DS 1 and was ondering those who troe with their secont was it in the same spot or a different one?

plus they took forever to get to stictching me up first time and had lots of swelling is it quicker to heal if they get to it quicker??? as i was sore for nearly 3 months before i resumed any BDing even...

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