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can you be induced for VBAC?? Rss

i was reading in the VBAC thread that you cant be induced if you want to try a vaginal delivery after a c section.. is that true? or only in some cases??

Blake Mathew 6.12.05 Mason Alexander 14.8.07

Hi! I had a c section for my first baby, and a vaginal birth for my second. When I was pregnant, I was told I couldnt be induced because of my scar. What happens often when you are induced is that the contractions don't come on as gradually - often they come on really hard and fast, which your scar may not be able to cope with. However, probably all hospitals do things differnetly, so probably be good to speak to a doctor or midwife about it.

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I attempted a VBAC for my 2nd baby (unfortunately it ended in a caesarian anyway, but that's another story). My doctors were doing everything to avoid induction, due to the fear of rupturing my scar. Apparently when you are induced the contractions come along very quickly and strong, so they can't monitor the scar the same.

I was 11 days overdue when I ended up having her. They had booked me in to be induced when I would have been 14 days over, but that was going to be a last resort. When I did go into labour I had contractions for 48 hours and didn't dilate much. They wouldn't give me the drugs to bring on the labour, they would only break my waters. But then they found meconium and I need an emergency caesar.

Sorry, that's a long story to say that no, they don't like to induce you if you are donig VBAC!!
no, you cannot be induced after having a c/s, it increases the risks of uterine rupture, and if your doc suggests it i would suggest getting a diffrent doc, it is a well documented and quite a scary risk, there are other options then the drugs which *may* be safe for difffrent people acupunture pressure points etc.... hth

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