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Has anyone achived VBAC? Lock Rss

I personally havent had the experience of c-section although I came close & my daughter had to be delivered with scution and forceps leaving bad scarring... My son however delivered easily at a pound heavier then my daughter (he was 9lB 9)...
To the point my mum had an emergency C-section with my 28 yr old brother back before they could know he was placenta prevea.... She hemoragged severel... She gave birth to my other brother (9 pounds worth) 4 yrs later naturally in a small town hospital where there are only GPs working, and then the same with me 4 yrs after that in the same hospital.... Maybe the age gap has something to do with it... letting your body get over the trauma might be the key

Mikarla 21, NSW, girl 2yrs, boy 9 months

Congrats on your vbac, im happy to hear of you achving this. thanks for the reply. Amy
not me but a friend had her 2nd baby 16 months after a csection with no problems at all my sister in law had her 2nd 3 yrears later agi touble free i had my 1st by csection wand was giing to try wth hr second but i had planeta previa so wasn able to and the 3rd i wasn alloewd to due to my history

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi all
I had an emergency c-section due to fetal distress and failure to progress after a nearly 48hrs in labour and then found out I was pregnant again when he was 5 months old. I was terrified it would happen again and also by the fact that my Dr had told me not to fall for at least 12 months because of the scar tissue and the possibility of a rupture. However he was very understanding and willing for me to try a VBAC with the second birth provided I was closely monitored. I'm proud to say that it all went perfectly(apart from a few stitches) and I have since delivered a third and am 6 weeks off delivering my fourth child. I think provided you and your Dr have an open mind and are will to do what ever is neccessary for the health of the baby and there are no other problems then go for it. It really is an amazing experience that no matter how hard someone tries to explain it you don't understand until you do it yourself . But I do think it is up to the individual and you are the one who has to be comfortable with your decision regardless of what anyone else's opinion is.
That's a great result for you number4. Just wondering if you happen to be in Victoria? I am currently exploring as many options as possible in Vic in order to succeed at my vbac.
with thanks,
Hi Anniesmum,
Sorry but I live in North Queensland
but I'm sure there must be a Dr somewhere near you who is willing to do a trail of labour, provided there are no other complications.
Leonie (number4)
hi i was just wondering to all those mums that had a c section then had another baby while pregnant if they had pain accross there scar. i had a baby 2 1/2 yrs ago and am 3 mths preggs with my sconde but im finding that it i cough or laugh to hard or even stit with my leggs tucked up to my belly im getting pain accross my scar

hs any one else had this problem

Michelle,QLD,5yr boy & 2yr boy

Hi Michelle,
I had a c section 71/2 yrs ago and am now 8 months preggers with my 4 baby, but 7th pregnancy and everytime I have had pain in the scar. Dr said it was nothing to worry about as it is just everything stretching and scar tissue doesn't stretch. I found it comes and goes during the pregnancy but was the worst in early and then late pregnancy. Everything has turned out fine with all the kids and I haven't had any trouble other than the dull pain in the scar. Hope that helps.
Good luck i hope all goes well for you.
I tryed for a vbac after 2 cesears it did'nt work out as hoped but i am about to have no 4 and i am still hopeful that it could happen naturally. The key to it i think is be prepared. know what your limitations are don't over stress your body. I found the hardest thing was they made me be attached to this monitor the whole time i was in labour. Try telling some one in agony to lay still on a bed and don't move. I did'nt mind it was only for my safety and the babys but it is hard. Also trying to find a Dr to support you is hard i had two with me an intern and a obstertrican. The intern was having kittens and wanted me straight into theatre and the other Dr was trying to talk me into having my waters broken and be put on a drip to speed it all up.
But i think the hospitals and Dr problems are liability. The Dr has to stay with you the whole time. Where i am the Dr is luck to even be present for the birth they are'nt called in unless they have to be. So it a hassle for them. I hope all goes well.

Stacey, Tas, 4 boys

hi all
i had an emergency ceaser . i'm going to go have a pelvic xray to see if i can have a natural birth next time. the recovery time after a c-sec i didnt like.
my bubs first feed was 30mls of formula which upset me alot when the nurse told me but she was hungry and i hadnt woken up from being knocked out.
on the up side to that tho her dad got to feed her b4 i did , which made him feel special.

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

Hi Amy03 just a quick update. My friend did have another caesarean. She didnt go into details but said her obstetrician told her if she was his wife that would be what he would want her to do. But on the upside she now has a handsome healthy baby boy.
I had an emergency C-section with my first as he was posterior and I stopped progressing at 9cm. I am now 5 months pregnant with our second, and George will be 18 months old when this one arrives. We are planning for a VBAC, but are aware of the possibility of complications. Apparently I have a very good chance due to the first C-section being necessary because of George's position. It is unlikely to happen the same way next time.
Anyway, fingers crossed as I didn't enjoy not being allowed to drive for so long after the C-section. (I didn't mind my husband having to do the housework though!)

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

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