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Has anyone achived VBAC? Lock Rss

My experience with VBAC was both positive and negative. I had an induction with number one after my membranes ruptured and I did not start to contract. This birth was textbook eight hours, no pain relief and pretty smooth. My number two was three and a half years later and she went into foetal distress (elevated heart rate) due to placenta praevia and was delivered by E.R style emergency ceasarean! She was lucky to survive and it was really very traumatic. I then had a VBAC with number three, three years later. I went into labour naturally, ten days overdue, but failed to progress. The midwife broke my waters (something they do not like to do with VBAC) to speed things along and I eventually had an epidural, which failed to work! After 32 hours of labour my baby was born naturally. He was posterior and this was the reason for him being so long to arrive. The previous ceasar had nothing to do with it. As anyone who has had a posterior baby knows it is the most excruciating back pain and it is a slower birth. Having said all that, he was delivered at nine pounds with no tears, no scar problems and no distress to him. Even a thirty- two hour posterior labour was preferable to another ceasarean. If my epidural had worked I may have had a caesar so I'm glad it happened the way it did. Now I'm a week off due with number four and going for another VBAC.

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Hi I thought I would tell you my story. my daughter was born by elective ceasarian due to high blood pressure and I was overweight and I was 41 weeks. All was O.K. but I was a little dissapointed that I didn't have a labour.

Two years later I was pregnant again I was slimmer and I wanted a trial of scar. All was O.K but again at 41 weeks nothing was happening so we arranged to have another Ceasarian I was really hard on my self and I was sad that I couldn't go into labour but I was thinking of the health of the baby and planned for a ceasarian.

On the day I was to go into Hospital to get ready for the ceasarian which was the next day, I didn't sleep much I was having mild cramps and cramps in my thighs. I went about my day and went into hospital at 4pm. I told the midwives I had cramps in my legs and that I had a show this morning. They said I wasn't in labour and I got settled into my room, this was at 4pm. At about 7pm it got all too much and I started to cry, the midwives did an internal and I was 6cm. It was off delivery suite my husband arrived back in time to come with me, he was at home with our daughter. I was given pethidine and some gas and I was much better the pain was O.K. Just over 2 hrs later I had a baby boy at 9:52pm, Joshua Matthew. I was over the moon that I had achieved it and would do it all again. Up until this point I did know know what it even felt like to have labour pains so I was very proud of myself. I would of had a other ceasarian if I had to because the health of myself and the baby is very important.

This is really late into this discussion but thought I would tell my story anyway.

I had an emergency c-section almost 3 years ago with my first son. It was simply a failure to progress. I dilated to 8cm pretty quickly then 9cm a few hours later and then completely stopped. He didn't drop and as my waters had broken 24 hrs earlier and I was running a high temperature, they decided a c-section was the way to go. I recovered really easily and thought it was a really positive experience.

I recently gave birth to my second son. All along I was going to try for a VBAC even though I was only given maybe a 20% chance of it working. I went into labour 5 days early and after 8 hours, managed to give birth naturally with no problems. I think the difference was that I took an epidural early on the second time around so I was really relaxed, plus even though my second son was bigger, I just think he was in a better position so it was successful. As I told my doctor, if it didn't work and I needed to have a c-section again, I would be happy with that as well.

Mind you, I think VBAC isn't all that common because all the midwives were quite amazed that I achieved one.

Good luck, hope this helps.

my name is Jennie.
i had a caesar for my first child after she was breech. it was an elective.
i'm pregnant with my second baby, and the doctor says i'm a good candidate for whats called a trial labour.
because i never went into labour, or because my pelvis isn't too small, the doctor says i have a 70% chance on a successful natural birth.
the risk of my uterus tearing is about .1%..
a trial labour is where the baby is monitored and if there is any sign baby is in distress they will opt for caesar.
normally the trial labour lasts 10 hours before they consider any options!!!
If any one is considering a VBAC or a HVBAC there are some great sites (Australian ones). With great information and correct facts and stats. Check out birthrites:healing after a caesarian. It is a inspiration. Also most doula or midwifery sites have VBAC info as well.

Mum to 2DD : Proud to be a breastfeeding mum!

Hi Amy03

I had my first baby - Taylah 3 yrs ago after 27hrs of labor and 2 hrs of trying to push her out, they decided on an emerg c-section. She was only 5lb 15oz so my obst thought I'd probably have to have another c-section next time. I had pelvic imagery done but my pelvis was only on the smaller side of average so not a major concern.

I ended up with another obst with my second baby -Aidan - as my prev moved away and we talked about another c-section but he suggested we see how things pan out.

As it happened, I went into labor 2 1/2 weeks early at around midnight, by the time we got our daughter to my mums, I thought I was having Aidan in our car! We got to the hospital at 5am and I was fully dialated and almost cryed when they told me it was too late for any pain relief - in fact I think I did cry for a few moments! I started pushing pretty much straight away with only 2 midwifes present and at 6.09am I gave birth naturally to my son. VBAC is a great thing. Again he was only small - 5lb 10oz but did tear me inside and out. I didn't feel this though and surprisingly it wasn't painful afterwards. I had to have surgery to get stitched back up but only took minimal panadol in hospital.

I found recovery alot easier VBAC than c-section. Just easier to get around, shower, sit up etc

I would definately recommend VBAC, it was such a better experience seeing my sons head emerge and then having him placed on my chest straight away. What an emotional moment - this was extra special too as it was MOTHERS DAY this year! I was blown away at the intenseness.

I too lost alot of blood and had to be on iron tablets for 6 weeks post-birth as my count was down to 72 when it should be at around 120. I was a little lacking in energy but was really proud I had achieved what I did.

You can't pre-empt what happens during your labor and you can only do whats best for you and your baby. If your baby made his/her way into the world safely and is healthy, thats obviously the best way.

Anyway - hope you enjoyed my exp!


Qld, 3yr & 5 mth old

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