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Raspberry Leaf Tablets Rss

I have been told by a couple of friends that it is really beneficial to start taking Raspberry leaf tablets at around 34 weeks. has anyone had much experience with this and what does it actually do? i have heard you have to be careful tho so will be talking to a naturopath first, just wondered if other people have used them?
Hi ..

I started using them at around 36 weeks I think it was. Mind you, there were days when I forgot to take them aswell. I think its one of those things that you never really know if it benefits you for labour and birth cos you never know what the experience would have been like with not taking them aswell (does that make sense!!?!) Supposedly they help to tone your uterus and therefore assist in labour. Sometimes they can bring on labour...which is why you are not supposed to take them till later in your pregnancy. (ie...they can give you braxton hicks contractions which then become the real thing) They didnt do ANYTHING to stimulate b.hix with me and certainly didnt bring on labour!! I had 3 stretch and sweeps and they didnt even bring on labour!! I was overdue 12 days and had to have my waters broken to get things going!!!

Anyway...if it helps, my labour and birth was a total of 2hours and 40 mins. The 'pushing' part was only 7 mins. So i dont know whether my body was slightly more 'toned' from using the RL Tablets but I certainly had a good experience this time round (compared to my 1st birth which was 9.5 hours of absolute CRAP!!! Was the worst experience compared with my DS birth (which was 2 months ago).

Good luck!!

RSL tablets I am 31 weeks pregnant.

My naturopath recommended from 28 weeks so i have been takening the tea from then which I wil take tablets 3 times a day from 34 weeks together with primrose oil tablets for the cervix.

RSL tablets only help the uterus prepare for the birth and she told me that primose oil tables help the cervix dilate well.

Not to be concerned with taking them per she told me when the body is ready to give birth you will know either by the baby or back ache.

All the best with your baby and the birth.


4 1/2 yrs boy 28 mth girl

Hi Katia,

I am interested in this too as I am hoping for a VBAC this time (2nd baby). How many evening primrose oil tablets do you have to take? I have never heard of this before and found out about raspberry leaf tablets too late with my first baby. I would love some info on this if it would help with my dream of a VBAC.



Charlotte 14/6/05

I took tablets from 35 weeks and my baby was born one day before his due date! I also walked, ate curries and basically used all the 'old wives tales'. I don't know if the tablets did anything to improve the birth part of it because it was long and pretty awful - this was partly due to a useless midwife who really was out of her depth when things didn't progress, but it may have been worse had I not taken them. I'll never know! By the time you get to 35 weeks you're ready to move things along! Good luck with it. No matter how it goes, it's all worth it.
[Edited on 24/04/2007]
I started drinking raspberry leaf tea about 32weeks. I was told that it helps to soften the uterus thereby making labor easier. What truth that holds I can't say. I can say that labor was no walk in the park. One word of warning though, and no laughing at me, but when I went and bought it I really really thought that the tea would have a raspberry flavour.......WRONG!!! it tastes pretty bad and the raspberry part of the name actually refers to the colour of the stop laughing at me now.


Nth Qld 2 year old Shannon

Thats funny. I'm glad you said that because I naturally thought they would have a raspberry flavour too
Me too! I didnt have the tea though, but the tablets. They kinda smelt a bit rasberry (well they did to my nose!), so thought they wouldnt taste so bad. When one got stuck on my tongue (you know how you try to swallow a pill and its gets stuck?!)....IT DOES NOT TASTE LIKE RASBERRY!!! LOL
Hi Girls,

When preggers with DS i started drinking RSL tea from about 32 weeks - just one a day and then at 34-36 weeks drinking up to 5 cups a day. I have always heard that both the tea and the tablets help prepeare the uterus for labour by strengthening the contractions therefore making them more effecient for a quicker labour. Im not sure what effect it has on the individual but for i believe it worked. My labour was only about 6 hours and only about 17mins pushing so i will definantly be doing the same this time around, i will also take the evening primrose oil tablets this time.

Hope this helps
Take care

I started taking the Raspberry Leaf Tablets halfway through my second trimester, in my opinion they did a great job. I don't drink tea and didn't see any point drinking it when you can readily take the tablets which have a higher dosage.

The night before I went into labour I used the Evening Primrose Tablet (no you don't actually take them like a tablet you actually insert it up you know where!) I believe this also helped bring on my labour.

Hi expecting bub No.4 and took Raspberry leaf capsules with all other pregnancies. I can't vouch that they do or don't work but I will definately will be giving them a go this time too, just in case they really do work. My labours have been 12, 9 and 3 hours respectively.
Have never tried Evening Primrose, mainly because I don't fancy a capsule of oil up my "you-know-where".


Hi, Emma. I took one sip of Raspberry Leaf tea and almost vomited, so it was off to the natural health shop where I purchased the tablets. I took them from about 28 weeks as I was told by my naturopath that they tone the uterine muscles, making it more efficient in labour. I had braxton hicks from about 3 weeks before Emily was born. My labour was on again, off again for 3 days and then I had Emily a day before she was due. My labour was 12 hours, but did not feel that long, and I had her naturally, no drugs, gas, or stitches. I strongly believed taking these tablets worked, but I also walked every day, had a massage every 4 weeks and had accupuncture from 30 weeks onwards. All the best! Jen. ;o)
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