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transverse baby then gone on to have VBAC? Lock Rss


has anyone had a transverse or oblique baby resulting in c-section and gone on to have a VBAC?

Tell me about it if you can smile

hi there,

I can't help right now but just thought I would put my comments anyway. my last baby was oblique that resulted in an emergency c-section. I currently have two weeks left for this current baby to move itself otherwise I will be in for another c-section.

At the moment this baby is lying transverse. I have been told that it will not be possible to have vbac if this baby doesn't move.

If my baby moves, then my OB is completely happy for me to go vbac. He doesn't see a problem at all with it, I just have to get the baby to move.

Good luck with vbac. I wish you all the best.

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Hi Myrrah!
Just wanted to share with you that it is possible.
I had my VBAC 14 days ago!!!
My DS (almost 2yrs) turned transverse during labour, and his head crowned the wrong way. He went into feotal distress and was born within half an hour via c/s, with me under general.
This time I really wanted a VBAC and luckily my oB supported me.
A week befre Annika arrived I had a pelvic CT scan so my OB could tell with 90% accuracy whether she would fit through my pelvis. He didn't want me to go through labour if it resulted in another c/s.
I opted for the epidural this time, (couldn't have one last time because of blood thinning injections I was on.
This time I stopped the injections a week before EDD, so I could have one.
Annika was posterior, forceps were used to try and turn her, which didn't work. Then the ventouse. (after that it would be to theatre for another c/s) So I pushed with all my might and she was born vaginally!
It was an experience that surpasses anything!
The 2nd degree tear and graze I got are still quite painful, but totally worth it.
I went home when she was 3 days old, I can do most things already, compared to c/s scar pain.
I say GOODLUCK and I hope you get your VBAC too.

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